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For eye care professionals

Measure the Difference with Visioffice X

08 April 2020

Measuring your patients’ vision is the very core of your optical practice, so it’s important that it is done to a high standard.
Measuring your patients’ vision is the very core of your optical practice, so it’s important that it is done to a high standard. Visioffice X is a measuring system that can do so much more for your practice, offering a chance to reinvent the patient experience. Creating a more engaging visit to the optician, a routine eye examination can suddenly become much more interesting thanks to installing Visioffice X.
Advanced technology in the optical industry can make it much easier for you to dispense the right lenses, based on patients’ individual needs. Considering a device like Visioffice X could bring a number of benefits to your practice, both for you as the optician carrying out the measurements, and the patient.

Interactive process

Visioffice X includes the patient in the measuring process, allowing them to play an active part in the examination. This encourages each patient to be more involved in understanding their eye health and current vision capabilities.
With visual and audio guidance, the patient is guided through the process alongside the optician. Through this, Visioffice X can deliver greater analysis and understanding both for the patient and for you, where previously they may not have understood the impact of their behaviour on what lenses are best suited.
This can create a greater appreciation for the eye measuring process.

Improved accuracy

Visioffice X has been designed with multiple cameras in order to provide heightened precision, offering a measuring system like no other. With an accuracy of 1/10 of a degree, the device can offer incredibly precise results.
Markers on the frames, worn by the patient during the process, allow for further analysis of the patient’s natural posture, taking into account natural behaviour during the measurement process.
As each eye is unique, Visioffice X allows you to measure each eye separately, which makes a big difference in achieving accurate and relevant results to dispense the right lenses.

Personalised service

The ability to measure patients’ vision so accurately means that each patient walking into your practice receives a completely personalised service. Providing measurements and advice tailored to their specific behaviour and needs, Visioffice X helps you to recommend lenses based on precise results.
This can help you to deliver optimal visual comfort for your patients, confident in the knowledge you have provided them with lenses that suit their exact vision requirements.

Patient loyalty

In the long run, Visioffice X can offer an impressive service to your patients, transforming their experience in visiting an optician. In turn, they will be more receptive to your advice thanks to a better understanding of the process. What’s more, they may be more likely to come back to you for future examinations and other services.

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