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For eye care professionals

Understanding the Value of Personalised Lenses

15 April 2021

No two people’s eyesight is the same, so it’s important to make sure your services are able to reflect the varying needs of your patients.
Going the extra mile for your patients can make a huge difference to their vision health, ensuring they have the right lenses to suit their individual needs. However, as an independent practice, finding new ways to offer a unique service to your patients can sometimes feel like a challenge, especially if you are competing with larger chain opticians.
No two people’s eyesight is the same, so it’s important to make sure your services are able to reflect the varying needs of your patients. With that in mind, personalised lenses could help to set your practice apart.

What are personalised lenses?

For patients who wear glasses frequently, personalised lenses could provide a tailored solution that meets their visual needs and lifestyle. Personalised lenses are the result of a much more precise eye examination, enabling you to provide your patients with a prescription that is more accurate than before.
Thanks to breakthrough technology from Essilor, you have the chance to deliver a bespoke visual solution to each patient that walks through your door. Personalised lenses are created to precise measurements based on your patient’s vision behaviour, eye anatomy and refraction.
It might sound like a lot of extra work for a practice that is already very busy, but it’s really easy to achieve.

High precision vision

Through enhanced measurements that can be done using automated optical equipment, you have the ability to dispense lenses that are more optimally precise than patients’ previous lenses. Instruments such as Visioffice X and Vision-R 800 can unlock a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to offering your patients in the best in vision care.
AVA (Advanced Vision Accuracy) is carried out through our breakthrough phoropter, Vision-R 800, measuring refraction to the precision of 0.01 D. This results in a precise prescription that can be integrated into both single vision and varifocal lenses.
You also have the chance to measure patients’ Eyecode, allowing you to pinpoint each patient’s unique Eye Rotation Centre, which can differ up to 30% between individuals.
For patients that require a reading element to their prescription, using a simple app can help you to determine their Near Vision Behaviour to ensure lenses are made to accommodate each patient’s posture and behaviour.

Why should you consider investing in these services?

If this sounds like a lot for your practice to take on, let us assure you that it’s never been easier to offer your patients these personalised services. Our optical instruments are easy to use, with automated processes that make your job a little simpler without compromising on quality of service.
The automated operations also mean a reduction in potential human error, and can facilitate social distancing measures. The result of AVA. Eyecode, Near Vision Behaviour and other frame fitting parameters can allow your patients to enjoy sharper, clearer vision that is tailored to the way they move their head, how they hold a device and their level of refraction.
In other words, you have the opportunity to offer your patients a first-class service each and every time. Not only will you stay one step ahead of the competition, but you’ll also have a number of very satisfied patients.
If you’re thinking of investing in new equipment to help improve your service offering, we can help with the cost through our Lens Rebate Scheme. Get in touch today to find out more about what it means to become an Essilor partner optician.

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