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For eye care professionals

Introducing the Vision-S™ 700

27 August 2021

Introducing the Vision-S™ 700 to deliver a compact, immersive and revolutionary...
As the world experiences a growing demand for refraction, it’s important for eye care professionals to upgrade their optical equipment and ensure they are able to offer the best in eye care services. From lifestyle changes to an aging population, the needs of many patients has changed. With many opticians now needing increased refraction capacity, as well as being able to keep up with competitors, we introduce the Vision-S™ 700 to deliver a compact, immersive and revolutionary refraction station.
Being able to offer patients an enhanced service while also keeping one eye on your business growth, the Vision-S™ 700 is approved by experts to offer a wealth of benefits to your practice.

A complete refraction room in one station

The Vision-S™ 700 is an ultra-compact device, delivering the most incredible space-saving refraction device on the market. The typical chart distance of 6 metres from the patient is no longer necessary with this instrument, thanks to excusive distance simulation technology. This is able to test enhanced near capabilities within the device, perfect for even the smallest refraction rooms.
The Vision-S™ 700 takes up just a tenth of the traditional space, which not only frees up floor space but can also open a world of additional opportunities for your practice. This can include additional refraction lanes, or even offering pop-up or mobile stores to expand your practice’s coverage in the wider community.

No compromise on accuracy

The powerful lens module and algorithms means the Vision-S™ 700 can deliver refraction in around 3 minutes with no compromise on the accuracy of the final result. Smart programmes take into account details such as the existing prescription and age of the patient to allow for a more direct refraction procedure.
The Vision-S™ 700 measures in continuous and smaller increments to allow for greater accuracy, together with recommendations and operator guidance to make it simple and easy to use.
The time saved on the refraction process allows the eye care professional to develop a more in depth relationship with patients, giving you chance to further explain their vision and decide on the right solution.

Boost your business

Investing in the Vision-S™ 700 for your practice not only provides a quicker and more efficient process for you, but also has a great impact on your patients. The immersive experience helps your patients to see their prescription in action, with real life simulations to show the difference.
You now have the chance to increase your refraction capacity without compromising on the patient experience, allowing you to boost your business, generate more traffic to your practice and increasing your sales.
To find out more about investing in the Vision-S™ 700 and improving your practice, get in touch today.

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