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For eye care professionals

Why the patient journey is so important to your practice

16 December 2019

As patients become increasingly savvy and expectations continue to rise, your practice needs to be equipped to meet their demands.
Running an optical practice is incredibly rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. As patients become increasingly savvy and expectations continue to rise, your practice needs to be equipped to meet their demands. It is key that you begin to understand your patients’ journey when they visit your practice, and how this can be continually improved.
The patient journey is at the very heart of your business. How does the typical patient interact with your practice? This can cover a range of topics, from how they enter your store to how they react to the available technology in your practice. Finding room for improvement can help to encourage business growth.
With that in mind, we take a look at how you can identify business adjustments and improvements based on the patient journey.

Patient journey mapping

It can be beneficial to identify the different touch points a typical patient has with your practice. For instance, how did they find you in the first place? Did they simply walk past on the high street, or were they driven to your door through digital marketing?
Does the layout of your practice encourage an immersive experience? Can the patient use digital units to browse their options, and are staff trained sufficiently to offer guidance and advice?
By taking the time to understand a visit to the optician from your patients’ perspective, you can paint a picture of where the improvements can be made.

Identifying gaps in your business

In any type of business, there is always room for growth and improvement. Business adjustments are key for future success, but this cannot be achieved until you know what your patients expect from you.
Whether you need to update your visual solutions and digital technology, or your price point needs adjusting, an Essilor Bespoke consultant can deliver the right process to support your business’ future.
As patients begin to expect more advanced technology to make their lives easier, your practice needs to reflect this need. Your Bespoke consultant can help you to differentiate your practice from your competitors, whether it’s through personalised lenses, digital advertising units or evolving your business model.

Reaping the benefits

Gaining a full picture of the patient journey, and where you can fill in the gaps, gives you an invaluable opportunity for growth. You can begin to build strategies to not only drive more patients to your practice, but keep them coming back.
Through the right technology and visual solutions, you have the ability to deliver a personal and effective service to your patients. Meeting their expectations should be your number one priority in order to help you reap the benefits of a successful practice.

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