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For eye care professionals

How to Achieve Effective Dry Eye Treatment

15 February 2021

Dry eyes is a common occurrence and you’ve no doubt experienced many patients suffering from dry, sore or red eyes.
Dry eye syndrome can occur due a number of different causes, with a variety of triggers that could bring on the symptoms. Essentially it happens due to a lack of sufficient moisture on the eye’s surface, with patients often experiencing soreness or a gritty feeling in the eyes.

Typical causes of dry eyes

There are a variety of causes of dry eye, which can sometimes make it difficult to identify the underlying problem. Causes of dry eye syndrome can include intense focused work, such as at a computer, wearing contact lenses or as a result of eye surgery.
However, in some cases dry eyes can also be caused by pollution, ageing or hormonal imbalances.
Finding the right treatment can make a huge difference to your patients’ eye health and their vision. In many cases, traditional treatment usually just temporarily alleviates the symptoms, but might not necessarily provide a long-term solution.

Finding effective dry eye treatment

At Essilor we have two breakthrough technologies that can help you identify the state of your patients’ eye health, including both analysis and lasting treatment. Scientifically proven, these dry eye instruments can aid both your diagnosis and help you to offer the right treatment plan for your patients.


Before administering any treatment plan, it can be helpful to understand in more detail about your patients’ condition. Our Idra device can provide an analysis of the tear film, which can lead to identifying the type of dry eye disease.
The Idra device offers a quick but detailed structure of the tear composition, with 3D imaging and auto analysis. It can take measurements of the tear meniscus, morphology of the glands, detect blepharitis and measure pupil size and reactions. The Idra will automatically analyse lipid secretion, aiding the diagnosis and severity of the patients’ dry eyes.


Finding a long-lasting treatment to help manage dry eyes can make a huge difference to your patients. Our easy-to-use device, TearStim, helps to ensure the meibomian glands are functioning properly, allowing for rapid improvement in dry eye symptoms.
Using intense regulated pulsed light technology, TearStim stimulates the nerves to release neurotransmitters, which stimulates the secretion of the meibomian glands. The treatment takes only a few minutes to complete, but the effects can last up to 3 years.
Our dry eye instruments have been scientifically proven to make a difference, designed to help your patients manage their symptoms. Become an Essilor partner optician today and find out more.

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