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For eye care professionals

Introducing Vision-R 700

23 February 2021

Vision-R 700, offers a faster and socially distanced refraction 
The new digital phoropter, Vision-R 700, offers a faster and socially distanced refraction without compromising on accuracy. Delivering a speedy refraction process, Vision-R 700 can reduce the length of eye examinations to allow for better efficiency.
With innovative technology and a unique lens module, Vision-R 700 gives you the chance to offer your patients the best of their vision, with a new digital phoropter to enhance the patient experience in your practice.

Digital infinite refraction

Vision-R 700 can accelerate the refraction process without compromising on accuracy. With digital functions, it can also be done while maintaining social distancing. The phoropter provides a more direct access to the final refraction, speeding up the process for the comfort of your patient and to ensure the efficiency of your practice.
Until now, the only way to shorten the traditional procedure of refraction was to cut out crucial steps, which can lead to bigger variances and ultimately an estimation of the prescription. Vision-R 700 is here to change that.

Fast refraction with secured accuracy

Outdated technology means that over time many eye care professionals assumed that an increase in speed means a decrease in accuracy. The digital infinite refraction means that Vision-R 700 can obtain a fast refraction in just 3 minutes, without compromising on accuracy.
Vision-R 700 has dedicated smart programmes and algorithms to control accuracy, with a continuous compensation on sphere, cylinder and axis. What’s more, the phoropter can provide smooth and instant transition between dioptric powers.

User-friendliness in mind

The process of using Vision-R 700 has been designed to guide you from start to finish. You need only record data; the phoropter will change the dioptric values and relevant tests to achieve the final result. Depending on the imported patient data, the phoropter will choose the ideal programme automatically.
Similarly, the algorithms will change the tests and calculate the dioptric power in reaction to the answers given by the patient.

Improved patient experience

Vision-R 700 is here to provide an excellent patient experience, with innovative technology together with a modern design. Its compact size is ideal for any practice, while the silent lens changes will minimise any distraction.
The digital phoropter can provide a natural, wider field of vision, removing any effect of tunnel vision. The option to answer no difference or unsure which option is better are now available, with the smart tests being able to use this information to continue giving accurate results. In turn, this can ensure the patient’s confidence in your practice.
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