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For eye care professionals

Digital Refraction Made Simple

30 January 2020

No optometry practice is complete without state-of-the-art refraction room equipment.
No optometry practice is complete without state-of-the-art refraction room equipment. Forming the very basis of a patient’s visit, a phoropter is the most commonly used instrument to measure refractive errors and determine the lens prescription. With that in mind, surely you want only the best refraction technology for your practice and patients?
As with many industries, opticians are taking advantage of digital advancements that are able to reinvent their everyday processes. So, when it comes to refraction, how has digitisation had an impact?

A new era of refraction

Vision-R 800 is the result of five years of research and development, offering a new phoropter that aims to reinvent the refraction process. With a patented automated optical module, Vision-R 800 is made using breakthrough technology that impacts both the patient and you, the optometrist.
Vision-R 800 is powered by digitally controlled motors, providing simultaneous changes for sphere, cylinder and axis. All changes happen in a continuous, smooth way and the range of sphere, cylinder and axis are incredibly precise.
You have the chance to unlock the full potential of your patients’ eyes, giving them the most precise prescription for their lenses in order to achieve clear vision.

Enhanced precision in the refraction room

With previous refraction instruments, values were given at 0.25D at each stage. The Vision-R 800 allows you to measure to a higher level of accuracy at 0.01D increments using semi-automated refraction tests.
This provides a much more reliable result when testing for refractive errors and their severity. Not only is this hugely beneficial for the patient, but it can also have a positive impact on your reputation.
By being able to dispense an extremely accurate prescription, you can reassure patients they are receiving the best eye care possible and will have access to the most suited lens solutions for their needs.

Quick and easy to use

An important feature of any optometry instrument is whether it is easy to operate. After all, there is little point in investing in new technology if it’s too tricky to use effectively!
Vision-R 800 allows you to reach the final refraction more quickly than traditional methods, and its automation processes mean there is little room for error. The module’s special algorithms will assist you in conducting the whole procedure.
What’s more, Vision-R 800 puts patient comfort at the forefront of its design. Smooth power changes, shorter procedure and adjustable variation steps for patient sensitivity all allow for a comfortable refraction process. The phoropter can be adjusted to suit each patient, making differences easier to perceive and therefore making it easier to give responses to the test. It also has a wider field of view compared to a standard phoropter head.
Allowing you to get through the procedure quicker without compromising on accuracy, Vision-R 800 is revolutionary.

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