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For eye care professionals

Discover Our Multi-Pair Promotion

21 January 2021

On the 1st February we launch our multi-pair promotion, Take Two, to support you and your patients in...

On the 1st February we launch our multi-pair promotion, Take Two, to support you and your patients in 2021. Take Two gives you a chance to offer multi-pairs, which means you can meet both the clinical and lifestyle needs of your patients. Find out more about this promotion here, which launches on 1st February.

What is the multi-pair promotion?

Many patients may not realise that there are lenses available to suit different aspects of their lifestyle. Today’s modern lenses have been designed to meet not just the visual needs of the wearer, but also to suit their lifestyle and daily activities. For example, the typical wearer may need varifocal or single vision lenses, but they might also benefit from polarised or tinted lenses.

Our multi-pair promotion gives you the chance to offer two pairs of lenses to your patients, with the choice of premium and complimentary offers. By offering this to your patients, you can demonstrate the importance of having the right lenses for the right activity, highlighting your expertise and support on something patients may not have been previously aware of.

How does Take Two work?

Our Take Two multi-pairs promotion is designed to help you meet the needs of each individual patient within their budget. It is important that your patient brings their current lenses with them to their appointment, as well as any other lenses they wear, such as sunglasses or lenses specifically for the computer.

You will need to ask the patient some simple questions in order to understand their needs, such as do they drive frequently, or do they sit in front of a computer for most of the day. From these answers you can determine the most suitable lenses for their vision needs and their lifestyle.

The promotion gives you inclusive net priced pairs, with the choice of Xperio Tinted, Xperio Polarised and Transitions lenses along with any personalisation, for a lower cost. Alternatively, for price sensitive patients you can also offer a complimentary second pair, making sure there is something for everyone.

The promotion launches on 1st February and runs until 25th November. 

What are the benefits to your practice?

Many people across the UK are aiming to shop locally and support local, small businesses, including opticians; especially as we continue to be in the midst of a global pandemic. Offering such a great deal as a multi-pair promotion gives you the chance to connect with new local shoppers, and build on the loyalty of your existing patients.

At Essilor we are committed to supporting our eye care professionals across the country, particularly during this difficult time. By offering multi-pairs to your patients, you can gain a competitive advantage and provide a much higher standard of service and care.

Simply place an order via your chosen platform, including the e-Store, or place an order for Essilor Glazing or another laboratory.

Register your interest and find out more about the promotion today!

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