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For eye care professionals

How to start offering effective dry eye treatment at your practice

03 January 2022

Here is how...
Dry eye disease is incredibly common, but many practices are still behind in being able to offer any kind of service which aims to treat this amongst their patients. Not only does a lack of dry eye treatment at your practice put you at a disadvantage against competitors and larger high-street practices, but it also means you are missing out on bringing in an additional revenue source to the practice. So many practices are now seeing the benefits of investing in the necessary equipment to start testing patients for dry eye and to subsequently offer a service which will identify the appropriate treatment. Instead of turning away patients, here’s how to start offering effective dry eye treatment at your practice.

Streamline the patient journey

Firstly, before you do anything, you should understand how and what point you would begin offering this service to patients. You should speak with your team to identify at what point within the patient journey should you offer this treatment service. This will identify how the eye care professionals will initially diagnose dry eye disease, what the structure of a dry eye appointment will look like, the patient fees, and which treatments will then be offered to the patient. By doing this step first, you will identify gaps in your practice where investment is required, so you can go on and make the right decision when buying new equipment and technology.

Invest in your equipment

To begin offering any new service, it is important you do your research and find quality equipment to offer a service your patients will be impressed with. It may also be beneficial for your patients to stock at-home treatments, which patients can purchase directly from you. This will make process as simple as possible for your patients. At Essilor we have a variety of dry eye instruments and technologies which will provide dry eye services to offer your patients comfortable vision.
We understand the desire to offer your patients the very best service across your practice. When starting a dry eye clinic, you should consider instruments which will allow you to go the extra mile in helping achieve a successful treatment for your patients. The following instruments are available from our product catalogue:
  • Idra – Our Idra device can provide you with an individual analysis of your patient’s tear film. It will quickly deliver a detailed structure of the tear composition. Allowing you and your team to identify and diagnose the type of dry eye disease present and guide you towards which treatment is required.   
  • Tearstim – The Tearstim device provides practitioners with a long-lasting solution to managing dry eye syndrome within patients. The simple system is quick and easy to use, treating the dry eye disease for up to 3 years.
  • E-Eye - E-Eye is a dry eye disease treatment which uses intense pulsed light technology. The energy, spectrum and time are precisely calibrated to stimulate the Meibomian glands in order for them to return to a normal function. Those who have already tried and tested the E-Eye device have seen considerable improvements to the symptoms of their patients.
By investing in your technology, you will be providing a service which Is modern, simple, and fast in diagnosing and treating dry eye disease. For more information about our technologies and to learn more about what it means to become an Essilor partner optician contact us today.

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