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For eye care professionals

How to improve the awareness of your practice

24 July 2019

If you’re hoping to improve your footfall in your local area, there are many methods you can use...
No matter the industry you work in, the UK’s business landscape is a competitive one. There are many different challenges facing local businesses. Finding ways to adapt and attract today’s consumers is essential. Independent eye care practices, in particular, have competition from national chains.

Your local area is crucial when it comes to improving awareness of your practice. Many consumers are looking for convenience; what's more convenient than a local optician? The challenge comes in knowing how to market and promote your practice within your local area.

If you’re hoping to improve your footfall in your local area, there are many methods you can use...

Updating your practice with the use of digital 

In today’s business landscape, using digital technology is an absolute must. Consumer behaviour and expectations are changing. Businesses have to keep up and adopt new ways of delivering their products, services and general news. 

This goes for the eyecare industry too, which has experienced a change in how consumers seek information and buy lenses. Everything is moving towards digital. By embracing this shift,  businesses can provide quality service with enhanced professionalism. Whilst establishing your practice in the local area through reputation.
For instance, introducing the latest technology into your practice, you can advertise an improved service to your patients. Digital eye testing can have a huge impact on patients’ perception of your practice. Making them more inclined to buy lenses after a digital eye test.

In-practice technology can help to elevate your practice. Whether you advertise it in your practice window, or online, you may see a wider customer base coming through your door.

Establishing your USP

Establishing and promoting your USP (Unique Selling Point) can help your practice grow in the local area. It could be anything; wheelchair access, the latest technology or customer service.

Consider what your patients may not get elsewhere, and what service or features will keep them coming back to you. 

Opportunities such as personalised lenses can be of huge interest to your patients. Find out what makes you different to your local competitors to give you a competitive advantage.  

You then need to build awareness in your local area about your USP. This is where local marketing comes in.

Local marketing

The most effective way to enhance your practice’s awareness is through local marketing. It’s crucial to ensure your practice is embracing digital, whether it’s through in-practice technology or local promotion. Local marketing is vital for the growth of independent practices; including word of mouth, reviews and social media.
More consumers are using social media to find out about businesses in their area. Today’s high street environment means that independent practices are likely to be competing against a national brand. So it’s important to find a gap and differentiate yourself.

The key to marketing is repetition, consistency and using many touch-points. Use different marketing channels to reinforce your message. Such as traditional marketing; flyers, newsletters, local publications, POS (point of sale) and poster sites. As well as online marketing; social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Pay Per Click. Get involved in the community by taking part in local events and sponsoring local clubs.

Essilor Bespoke's business consultancy can help you find your USP and improve upon it. As well as support in training for using digital for dispensing and POS. Future-proof your practice in an ever-changing environment.  Learn more today and get in touch. 

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