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For eye care professionals

Visioffice® X: What is it and how will it enhance your practice?

11 July 2019

It’s important that as an optical practice you are always looking for ways to enhance patient experience. Read about how the Visioffice X can support your practice to do this. 
The experience your patients encounter within your practice has a huge impact on patient loyalty. It’s important that as an optical practice you are always looking for ways to enhance patient experience. 

The Visioffice X dispensing instrument can add real value to a patient’s visit, through new functionalities to make the measuring process more interactive, informative and comfortable. This could be crucial in developing your optical practice’s services and engaging your patients.

The Visioffice X is the newest dispensing machine from Essilor.

So, what are its capabilities and how could it enhance your practice?

The Visioffice X creates a theatrical experience for the patient, involving them in the measurement process and helping them to gain a better understanding. However, it is so much more than that...

The Visioffice X is able to carry out optimised measurements, as well as personalised measurements, to tailor the experience perfectly to each patient.

This creates a completely different and improved experience to traditional measuring techniques, engaging the patient for a much more immersive visit to the optician.

Key features of the Visioffice X

The Visioffice X has been created with multiple functions and impressive features to elevate the measuring process. First and foremost, the Visioffice X is fully interactive, with voice and visual instructions to involve the patient and create an immersive environment for measuring the patient’s visual capacity.

The instrument is multifunctional in the sense that it becomes a digital screen, when not being used as a measuring device. This gives the Visioffice X a digital point of sale function to improve the image of your practice.

The precision of the Visioffice X is what really sets this device apart. Markers placed on the frames allow for statistical analysis of the patient’s posture, resulting in measurements that are precise to one-tenth of a millimetre and one-tenth of a degree. Three cameras work together to provide a 3D reconstruction of the eye and lens, from various views. 

The machine is also equipped with infra-red cameras, which are able to take measurements through tinted lenses, without removing them. This can be particularly useful for prescription sunglasses. 

The high definition touch screen of the Visioffice X offers 1080x1920 resolution, making it possible to note even the tiniest of differences in the patient’s vision.

What difference can this make to your practice?

Most patients probably only have limited knowledge of what their prescription really means, with many more patients looking for better education on their eye health and visual capacity. Offering a personalised measuring experience can provide patients with a better understanding of their physiological and visual behaviour.

Through using the Visioffice X, your optical practice can provide a more memorable, meaningful and enjoyable service. In turn, this can improve patient loyalty and give patients better knowledge of their vision. 

Being able to dispense precise lenses with the Visioffice X is an invaluable addition to your services, resulting in instant vision without effort and better visual comfort. To have access to this revolutionary technology, find out more about our Bespoke service today

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