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For eye care professionals

My Vision Check by Essilor, the new innovative customer solution for at-home vision screening

01 July 2021

Essilor has launched My Vision Check, a simple-to-use web application for customers to screen their distance vision at home.

Essilor has launched My Vision Check, a simple-to-use web application for customers to screen their distance vision at home. My Vision Check helps to educate consumers on the importance of taking care of their vision, encouraging them to visit a local optician to benefit from a full eye exam.


What is  My Vision Check?

Over the past year, many consumers have noticed their vision may need some support as a result of changes to their lifestyles. More time spent working from home and increased time spent on screens has led to many ECPs noticing increased symptoms of digital eye strain in patients.

With My Vision Check, it has never been so fast and simple for your customers to test their distance vision at home before booking an appointment with you for a full eye exam.
A new innovation from Essilor, My Vision Check is a free online visual acuity check solution that offers customers a reliable tool to screen their distance vision, while wearing their usual optical correction, if they have any. Available as a web application at www.myvisioncheck.net, My Vision Check is user-friendly, quick and easy to use, and a great first step in the customer eyecare journey.

What does My Vision Check offer?

My Vision Check aims to quickly screen for potential visual issues, rather than measuring a visual acuity threshold. It should be noted that this first version only assesses monocular far distance vision by testing the ability of the user to see optotypes corresponding to 20/20 (6/6) visual acuity. Additional features such as near vision, color vision or contrast perception could be integrated within future versions.
The test is extremely simple to set up as users will only need their smartphone, a mirror and (if relevant) their current glasses or contact lenses. After undergoing the vision screening, users will receive a short vision summary, a personalised recommendation, and a shortcut to the Essilor Store Locator to encourage an in-store follow-up.

My Vision Check: 3 key benefits

1 - Accessible and simple to use
Featuring a simple user interface, My Vision Check can be completed in under ten minutes, requiring just a smartphone and a mirror.
2 - Innovative technology
My Vision Check uses industry-standard technology (Landolt Ring optotypes) in line with ISO requirements for Visual Acuity Testing (ISO 8596:2017), for reliable, precise and culturally independent testing.
3 - An expert follow-up
At the end of the test, users are encouraged to book an appointment in store via the Essilor Store Locator, streamlining the user experience and increasing footfall for ECPs.

Using My Vision Check

In order to get the best results, users should complete the test indoors, making sure that their surroundings are well lit.

First, users will be asked to respond to up to 5 simple questions regarding their eyesight and prescription lenses.
Set up
Users will be asked to stand about 1.5 - 2 metres from a mirror, while making sure to remove display filters and avoid potential reflections on the surface of the smartphone or on the mirror.
Distance check
Next, they’ll undergo a distance check using Essilor’s patented innovative method of distance measurement and optotype scaling. The smartphone’s front-facing camera will be activated and users will receive instructions to position it correctly.
Left and right eye testing
Next, users will be asked to flip their smartphone facing the mirror and to cover their non tested eye with it.
The test objective is to check if the user can detect Landolt ring optotypes corresponding to a 20/20 (6/6) visual acuity at a far distance with their right and left eye.
5 Landolt rings are displayed one after the other for each eye through a randomised sequence to avoid any repetition and learning effect. The test is considered satisfactory if the user obtains a score ≥ 3/5 for each eye.
Finally, users will receive their results, broken down into 3 sections:

  • Test score

The number of correct answers from the Landolt Ring acuity check will be displayed.

  • Vision summary

This adapts the content in line with the answers provided at the beginning by users, raising awareness about not ignoring potential visual discomfort, even if the score obtained is satisfactory.

  • A personalised report

This section provides the final recommendation based on each element to encourage the user to book an appointment with an optician in order to benefit from a comprehensive eye examination, with a link to the Essilor Store Locator.
Prior to the test, the user will be asked to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that no formal diagnoses can be made as a result of the vision screening.

Reasons to recommend My Vision Check

An easy-to-implement solution that boosts brand awareness, My Vision Check  is a great first step for people who may have been overdue for an eye test for some time, while offering eyecare professionals increased conversion and higher-quality prospects who’ve already begun the customer eyecare journey.
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