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For eye care professionals

Develop Your Practice with Optical Diagnostic Instruments

19 June 2019

Here is an introduction to some of the diagnostic instruments available for your practice. 
Optical diagnostic instruments can be invaluable when it comes to assessing the condition of your patients’ vision. Having the latest diagnostic tools in your practice can help to develop your patient care and keep up to date in a modern, digitally-driven world. 

Diagnostic instruments can benefit both the patient and you, the Optometrist. New technology can make your job much easier and more efficient, resulting in an improved service.

With this in mind, here is an introduction to some of the diagnostic instruments available from Essilor, and the benefits they can bring to your practice and your patients .

Anaeyes software to support your machines

Anaeyes software is a digital solution that helps you get the most out of your optical instruments. It works with a range of equipment, including the following diagnostic instruments; Retina 550, Cornea 550 and the SL550/SL500 Slit Lamps.

Anaeyes software allows you to capture, store and process digital images, making the diagnostic process much smoother and easier to manage. What’s more, you are able to share its content with simple graphics and charts that are easy to understand.

The software can help you enhance your practice’s services by creating an interactive experience for each patient. The graphics and charts are straightforward and can encourage discussion between optometrist and patient, developing better trust in the eye test procedure.

The ability to store patient information securely means that you’re able to offer personalised monitoring for each patient, providing a much more tailored experience.

OCT machines for detailed imagery

Optical coherence tomography machines provide an imaging technique that can capture detailed images of the retina. The instrument uses low-coherence light waves to capture 2D and 3D images of the retina.

OCT machines can develop your practice’s offering by providing a way of detecting retinal disease. The earlier something can be diagnosed, the better; having an OCT machine in your practice can allow you to provide more in-depth patient care.

At Essilor, we partner with the leading manufacturers of OCTs and can offer you the machines on our impressive lens rebate scheme.

Wave Analyzer for fully automated and accurate measurements

The Wave Analyzer is a fully automatic aberrometer, used to measure and diagnose refractive aberrations. Refractive errors affect around a third of the population, which means this instrument could be a ground-breaking addition to your practice. 

The Wave Analyzer can carry out 7 measurements in under 2 minutes, speeding up the pre-screening process while offering highly accurate measurements to offer a precise prescription. The instrument provides a full assessment of the anterior chamber, making your job easier and more straightforward.

With the ability to perform contact lens fitting, corneal topography and in depth cataract and glaucoma screening, the Wave Analyzer also offers wireless connectivity and customisable reports for a unique and personalised experience for each patient. 

Find out more about Essilor instruments today, and take advantage of the chance to develop your optical practice with the latest diagnostic instruments.

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