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Top Tips for Running Your Social Media Page

10 June 2020

The digital sphere is becoming essential to almost every business, opening up the opportunity to reach more people than ever before.

Many businesses across various industries face the same challenges. How do you attract new customers, and how do you continue to grow your sales?

The digital sphere is becoming essential for almost every business, opening up the opportunity to reach more people than ever before.


Social media has become a powerful tool in growing a business because its capabilities have expanded over the years to allow you to reach bigger audiences and become more creative. Particularly on Facebook, which has become an essential platform for small businesses.


There are numerous aspects to consider when running your social media page, including setting up relevant goals and planning your content to match your brand message.


Where do you start?


It is key to understand what you are trying to achieve through your social media page. What are your goals? Some of the most popular goals can include increasing brand awareness, generating sales, growing your audience and increasing traffic to your website.


Decide what is important and what will help you to achieve the goals you have set. You can carry out a social media audit to help you understand this better. If you already have a social media page, look at how it has performed so far and what it is missing. Do your posts get any engagement from followers? Does your page generate traffic to your website?


If you have not yet set up your Facebook page, take a look around at what your competitors are doing, and if you could offer something more valuable.


Who are you talking to?

Group of people using social media on their phones 

Having a social media page is excellent, but who are you trying to communicate with through your posts? Determining your audience is vital, as it gives you a focus when writing your content and targeting your ads.


Facebook targeting has become very sophisticated and allows you to reach people based on several factors; this can range from age and location to job title or industry. The platform can also help you reach people who have engaged with your business previously.


By reaching the right audience who are interested in your services or products, you can increase the success of your social media page.


Let the planning begin


You should now have a better idea of what your social media page is lacking, and what it is already doing well at. You should also have determined what goals you are trying to achieve, and who you are trying to target.


Colleagues planning their social media postsPlanning how you will manage your social media page can take some time. You have to decide what type of content will resonate with your audience, and what they will find most engaging or exciting. On top of this, you are also trying to generate results for your business.


With that in mind, the focus of your social media page should be split into three areas; awareness, consideration and remarketing. This can help you to plan what you should be posting and why.


You may wish to use a calendar to map out your social media content, as this can help you to keep your message consistent and allow you to be organised ahead of time. Your content should fall under a number of themes, including educate and inspire. You may need to educate customers on new products or services, and you will want to inspire them to take action by getting in touch or visiting your website.

Why not download our social media planner and assets to get you started?


Identifying your brand tone


If you already have brand guidelines or a consistent message that you convey via other channels, such as your website, this can provide a good start for your social media posts. Pin down your brand personality and then identify the best phrases and words that convey this to your audience.


You should also consider your business values and what makes you different. These are all crucial factors in deciding what language to use when talking about your business, as it helps your audience to build an impression of you.


Utilise paid social media marketing


While organic posts are valuable to your page in creating a community and adding a human touch to your brand, you should consider advertising too. Facebook Ads can bring a wealth of benefits to your page, including generating further awareness, sparking conversation, increasing enquiries and re-engaging customers.


Through Facebook Ads, you have complete control over advertising spend, and you can pause or restart campaigns anytime. It gives you the chance to hyper-target your content to a specific audience to get more value out of your social media page.


You also have access to analytics and data to track the success of your posts, helping you to see where improvements can be made. You just have to ensure the Facebook pixel is installed on your website to help track conversions from Facebook ads and further optimise your efforts. Your web agency should be able to help you with this.

Watch the recording of our recent Paid Social webinar to find out more.

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