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For eye care professionals

Protect Your Patients' Vision with the Right Sun Protection Lenses

23 June 2021

At this time of year, having the right sun protection lenses available for your patients is so important.
At this time of year, having the right sun protection lenses available for your patients is so important. With summer finally here, sunglasses can be just as crucial as clear corrective lenses when it comes to protecting and enhancing your patients’ vision.
Overexposure to UV light can be detrimental to vision and eye health, but the right lenses can offer the best protection to prolong healthy and comfortable eyesight. If you haven’t already, now might be the time to start thinking about which sun protection lenses should be a part of your practice. At Essilor, we have a variety of sun protection lenses to meet different vision needs, giving you the opportunity to meet the requirements of your patients.

Xperio sun lenses

Our collection of Xperio lenses offer best-in-class vision and protection from harmful light, giving your patients the chance to experience greater visual comfort no matter what they’re doing. With something for every lifestyle, your patients can achieve optimum protection whether they are looking for something practical, stylish or a bit of both.
Xperio lenses offer three vision solutions: polarised lenses, tinted lenses or mirrored lenses. Each have their own unique benefits to suit your patients’ needs.

Xperio Polarised

Polarised technology can help to eliminate blinding glare which can be detrimental to vision, especially when near water or on the road. Xperio Polarised lenses can enhance colour perception and improve contrast, all while ensuring reflections are reduced when it comes to wet surfaces or dashboards.
Available in a stylish range of colours and gradients, patients can achieve protection as well as style in one go.

Xperio Tinted

Tinted lenses have often been recognised for their ability to mute the brightness of the sun, without compromising on clarity and contrast. Xperio Tinted lenses can deliver comfortable vision and protection from UV light, in colours such as brown, grey, blue ink and burgundy.
Xperio Tinted lenses can be created with a full tint or graduated tint, depending on your patients’ style and preferences.

Xperio Mirrors

For the fashion-conscious patients who want to look stylish and feel confident, Xperio Mirrors offer a range of mirrored finishes that combine fashion with performance. The mirrored finish adds an extra flair of design without compromising on protection benefits. Let your patients choose from bronze, forest green, ocean blue, orange, silver or violet.


Why choose Xperio?

Xperio lenses from Essilor have been designed with visual comfort but also eye health in mind, with high E-SPF ratings. They are easily combined with your patients’ prescriptions, giving them a complete lens solution when it’s needed most.
The right sunglasses can be crucial to prevent damage to the eyes, whether your patients are sports enthusiasts often playing outdoors in the sun or they are recovering from ocular surgery. Making sure you have the right choice of lenses in your practice can set you apart and even increase patient satisfaction.
Find out more about becoming an Essilor partner optician and accessing the latest technology in lenses and optical equipment today.

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