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For eye care professionals

Andy's experience of Eyezen Boost lenses

27 May 2019

Read about Andy's experience of using Eyezen Boost lenses. 
Dr Andy. H
Whilst enjoying the sunshine over a recent Bank Holiday, I found myself realising that it is official... Optics is always on my mind! Why? You may ask? 

Well, this extra leisure time allowed me to catch up on some overdue reading of a book previously bought as a Christmas present for me in 2017! It dawned on me how grateful I am to what my current Eyezen Boost lenses deliver.
After several hours of reading whilst also checking my smartphone to follow the mighty City (Bristol version), it occurred to me just how hard my eyes have been working. 

Not that they don’t get a work-out on a regular basis of course (laptop > smartphone > tablet back to laptop repeat until reach for cup of tea and go again), but something about the chance to sit back and consider that they are expected to keep up with modern everyday life made me genuinely appreciate the support my eyes now have. 

As I edge ever closer to my first prescribed near add, my extra 0.60D delivers just enough “enhancement” to enable me to get well and truly engrossed in my book without distraction. 

With this in mind, wearing Eyezen Boost lenses (this type of “enhanced SV design”), has left my eyes feeling less tired at the end of a working day. This of course is not robust research, however as an emmetrope I’ve had the opportunity to try various traditional SV designs to aid my working day. Yet, it’s not until I get home and turn on John Snow, the Channel 4 news anchor, that I genuinely feel a noticeable difference.

Simply put, the accommodative support provided by Eyezen Boost has helped my eyes throughout the day, making them much less tired. 

As I tread slowly towards the presbyopia I alluded to earlier, I find myself looking forward to uncovering what Varilux delivers for me later this year. If the support I have had with Eyezen Boost is anything to go by, I know it will be smooth sailing.

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