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For eye care professionals

Reinvent the Refraction Process with Essilor

15 November 2019

Implementing new technology in your practice can improve the service you provide to your patients...
Today’s optical industry is under a constant state of change, as technology continues to evolve and make processes more advanced than ever before. Implementing new technology in your practice can improve the service you provide to your patients, as well as ensuring your practice is running as efficiently and professionally as possible.
With that in mind, we take a look at one of the most fundamental processes in the optical industry, and how it can be reinvented through new instruments. Enhancing patient comfort, and making your job easier, our phoropters can revolutionise the way you measure patients’ vision.
Here we take a look at the two phoropters that could have a huge impact on your practice.

APH 550 phoropter

One of the biggest trends in optical instruments in recent years has been the automation of the equipment’s functions, closely followed by the ability to provide connectivity to the network and other machines.
The APH 550 phoropter is a high-end, automatic instrument that can deliver a smooth workflow and better patient experience. Designed with an intuitive keyboard and a centralised screen, you are able to control everything through one workflow.
Whether your priority is to enhance the patients’ experience through increased comfort, or you are looking for a phoropter that will allow customised protocols, the APH 550 can offer it all in a compact design.
Offering speed, precision and comfort, the APH 550 is easy to use with quiet functionality. What’s more, you can save and compare a patient’s prescription from appointment to appointment, allowing you to offer a more cohesive service.

Vision-R 800

After four years of research and development, we have created a phoropter that can completely transform the refraction process. Designed with a patented, automated optical module, the Vision-R 800 offers precision like no other instrument.
Traditional refraction is performed to 0.25D steps at each stage. With Vision R 800, refraction can be performed to 0.01D steps using semi-automated refraction tests inbuilt into the machine. This allows you to calculate an even more accurate refraction for your patients.
Vision-R 800 has been created with cutting-edge technology to offer instantaneous and continuous changes of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power. This makes the process faster and easier to carry out.
These smooth power changes, together with a wider field of vision, can improve patient comfort and reduce fatigue as the procedure is shorter. At the end of the test, Vision-R 800 can offer a comparison of refractions in simulated real-life conditions, providing a fascinating and immersive experience for your patients.
By offering such advanced technology in your practice, whether it is through the APH 550 or Vision-R 800, you can improve your efficiency and expertise in testing vision. It is a chance to differentiate yourself from competitors, and offer something that is revolutionary in the industry.
Offer your patients the best of their vision with our range of refraction room equipment.

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