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For eye care professionals

Discover the Benefits of a Compact Refraction Station

14 November 2021

The Vision-S™ 700 gives you the chance to boost your business by helping you to increase your refraction capacity.
If you run a local, independent optician’s practice, you’ll already know how challenging it can be to deliver the best possible patient experience whilst also making sure your business is profitable. In many cases, the right equipment can be expensive and can quickly take up a lot of room in your practice. Together with a rise in demand for refraction, it can become difficult to keep up.
The Vision-S™ 700 revolutionises the refraction process, with a wealth of benefits and features approved by experts. Now every optician has the opportunity to increase their refraction capacity without compromising. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of investing in the Vision-S™ 700.

Boost your business

The Vision-S™ 700 gives you the chance to boost your business by helping you to increase your refraction capacity. The device is one of the smallest and most compact refraction stations ever made.
The compact nature of the device means that it doesn’t take up too much room in your practice, leaving more room for more business. Whether you want to create more refraction lanes or utilise the space for something else, you can rest assured that your practice now has the potential to generate more revenue and income.

Doesn’t compromise on accuracy

Despite its small size, the Vision-S™ 700 has a powerful state-of-the-art patented lens module. This allows the device to measure in continuous and smaller increments, resulting in greater accuracy when it comes to the final refraction.
Its automated functions also means you can deliver greater precision. A layered liquid lens combined with algorithms allows for vectorial refraction and a more direct procedure.

No need for patient-chart distance

While typical refraction requires a 6 metre distance between the patient and the chart, this is no longer necessary with the Vision-S™ 700. Exclusive distance simulation technology means the refraction station can test near capabilities within the device itself.
This means the Vision-S™ 700 only requires a tenth of the traditional space needed for the refraction process, which is ideal if you have a small treatment room or simply just wish to use the remaining space for other functions.

Saving time

The lens module and algorithms also mean that the Vision-S™ 700 delivers refraction in around 3 minutes. Smart programmes take into account any existing prescription and age, so that the device is much easier to operate in reaching the final result quickly.
Not only does this benefit you and your practice, but also means better comfort for your patients too.

Better patient experience

Additional functions of the Vision-S™ 700 includes a unique immersive technology. A unique module places the patient in real life simulations, demonstrating the prescription in action so that they can compare the before and after.
What’s more, the time saved on the refraction process can be spent on building a better relationship with your patients.
Discover more about boosting your business and increasing your refraction capacity by becoming an Essilor partner optician today. You can also learn more about our new customer partnership programme, Essilor Experts, which can help you access all of our services in one place.

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