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For eye care professionals

Road Safety Week: Help Your Patients Stay Safe

14 November 2021

From 15th to 21st November, it’s Road Safety Week.
From 15th to 21st November, it’s Road Safety Week. This year the theme is focused on celebrating road safety heroes; those who make the roads safer for everyone and those who care for those who have had a road accident. This theme also raises the topic of making sure that everyone takes responsibility for their own safety on the road, whatever vehicle they may be driving.
As an optician, you already know how important it is to have clear vision throughout the day, but even more so on the road. At Essilor we have just the solutions to make sure your patients can feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel, protecting both themselves and others.


Lens solutions for safer driving

At Essilor we have a number of lenses and lens solutions optimised for driving, so you can help your patients to achieve clear, sharp vision. From being able to see the dashboard to seeing hazards in the distance, our lenses set a new standard in vison comfort and clarity.

Crizal Drive lens coating

Enhance patients’ lenses further by adding an optimised lens coating, designed to provide a safer driving experience. Crizal Drive is an anti-reflective coating that delivers greater clarity, which can be particularly helpful when driving at night.
By minimising reflections, Crizal Drive can improve the wearer’s visual acuity through the day and night so that driving is much more comfortable than before. As a lens coating, Crizal Drive can also protect the lens from scratches, smudges, dust and water.
Crizal Drive is available across a wide range of Essilor lenses, including varifocals and single vision lenses.

Varilux Roadpilot

Driving can be tough with various distances that require clear vision, especially for patients with presbyopia. For patients that drive frequently but have vision problems, it’s important that you can prescribe the right lenses to suit their lifestyle.
Varilux Roadpilot is a varifocal lens optimised specifically for driving, making it an ideal solution for presbyopes who have to drive regularly. Varilux Roadpilot lenses are enlarged to offer better vision for things like the dashboard, as well as offering a wider peripheral vision for checking mirrors and anticipating lateral movements.
The team at Essilor were able to create this advanced lens by observing and interviewing drivers extensively, so we could better understand their needs. Varilux Roadpilot lenses can offer less distortion without compromising on dynamic vision, together with an embedded Eye Protect System to reduce the effects of harmful light.

Single vision lenses

For patients with trouble seeing objects at a distance, it’s important they are able to access the right lenses to ensure they’re driving within the legal limits. Myopia in particular is very common, and can affect the safety of the patient and those around them when on the road.
Through research and development, we have created lenses that meet and exceed the wearer’s needs, offering high resolution vision for sharper vision. When it comes to driving, our Eyezen lenses are designed to support visual efforts on the road so your patients can see everything they need to.
During Road Safety Week, help your patients to be their own road safety hero by having clear vision every time they get behind the wheel.

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