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For eye care professionals

Maximise Vision Comfort For Your Patients with New Varilux Lenses

07 October 2020

The new Varilux Comfort Max lenses from Essilor have been designed to adjust to patients’ natural posture, offering even more flexibility than before.
The new Varilux Comfort Max lenses from Essilor have been designed to adjust to patients’ natural posture, offering even more flexibility than before.
Today’s modern lifestyles mean our vision needs have changed, with different vision zones being utilised for different activities throughout the day. In presbyopic patients, this can present a challenge, especially when adapting to varifocal lenses for the first time. Varilux Comfort Max lenses can offer a comfortable, soft design to ensure vision is as natural as possible.

What makes Varilux Comfort Max different?

Varilux Comfort Max lenses allow patients to adopt 495 different postures when looking at a computer or desktop screen, compared to 258  with the previous Varilux Comfort lenses. This means patients have access to a wider range of natural postures without compromising their visual comfort.
These new lenses are designed so that patients have the ability to see naturally, without struggling to find the right gaze direction &/or the right posture. The upper part of the lens provides sharp vision at far distance, while the lower part boosts near vision. In between, the lens design ensures a smooth transition between the vision zones.
Varilux Comfort Max make it easy to adapt quickly to wearing varifocal lenses, so patients can feel confident from the moment they put them on.

How do Varilux Comfort Max lenses work?

Postural flexibility is a huge part of the lens design. Within our LiveOptics process, we used new advanced avatar simulations and real-life vision tasks to refine the design of Varilux Comfort Max lenses. Considering the wearers’ physiology, our newest algorithm also considers the patient’s prescription, frame and viewing point, while taking into account visual acuity.
Using Flex Optim technology, we can ensure Varilux Comfort Max lenses are adjusted to each individual, calculating each patient’s lens progression (power) profile.

What are the key benefits?

Varilux Comfort Max lenses prioritise vision comfort throughout the day, making the patients’ vision as natural and smooth as possible. With postural flexibility, these lenses provide a wider range of gaze directions than ever before.
Offering instant focus and smooth realignment, wearing Varilux Comfort Max lenses will ensure a much more seamless experience. What’s more, you can feel confident in knowing you have dispensed lenses that are tailored to your patients’ needs.
Recommended for presbyopic patients looking for a comfortable lens design, Varilux Comfort Max is the new generation of easy-to-wear varifocal lenses and have been introduced for first-time varifocal wearers.

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