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For eye care professionals

Introducing Single Vision Lenses for Kids

19 October 2021

It’s important that children have access to the right lenses that mitigate exposure to screens, which can be harmful to young, developing eyes.
Healthy eyes and clear vision are instrumental factors in children’s development and growth. If children’s vision is hindered, it could lead to problems in learning and education, as well as their wellbeing and the relationship with the world around them. It’s important that during children’s school years, their vision is cared for effectively as their vision system continues to develop. At Essilor, we’ve made this much easier with the introduction of Eyezen Kids.

Looking after children’s vision

Children’s visual needs are very different from adults, as their visual system isn’t fully mature just yet. This results in different behaviour, with children often moving their eyes a lot more. This means they use a much larger surface of the lens than adults do.
We carried out a study to examine the eye-head coordination in 169 children aged between 6-14 years old. The study revealed 77% of the children were identified as eye-movers, looking through every part of the lens instead of just the central area.
A large proportion of children's education centres around reading and writing. It is therefore crucial that they have good vision during this time, particularly between the ages of 6 and 20 years old as this is when they are learning and developing the most about the world they live in.

Meeting the demands of modern lifestyles

Today’s children are more and more surrounded by digital devices at home and at school, whether it’s smartboards, computers or tablets. The aftermath of the pandemic has also left many children spending more time in front of screens than outdoors, due to the introduction of virtual learning.
It’s important that children have access access to lenses that improve visual comfort when using screens, which can cause discomfort to young developing eyes; especially children with myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism.

How do Eyezen Kids lenses help?

Eyezen DualOptim Kids technology takes two reference points into consideration, optimising the surface of the lens while maintaining their prescription. This allows for better quality vision through a larger area of the lens.
What’s more, Eyezen Kids lenses are designed around three parameters, including children’s facial morphology, object distances and gaze directions. Children will typically have a lower point of view and experience a closer working distance than an adult.
Eyezen Kids lenses provide a much improved area of clear vision, compared to a traditional single vision lens, so children can use their lenses much more naturally and comfortably.
Discover more about being able to offer your patients the best in vision care, no matter their age. Become an Essilor partner optician today.

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