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For eye care professionals

Opticians, here are 7 Reasons why 17 million drivers struggle to see at night

15 September 2017

More accidents happen at night. In the development of our latest anti-reflective coating, we have discovered 7 reasons why drivers struggle to see when driving at night.

Discomfort while driving is a common occurrence with changes in light, causing eye sensitivity. It is documented more accidents happen at night and according to the research, drivers experience visual discomfort from the glare of oncoming headlights. In the development of our latest anti-reflective coating (Crizal Drive) we have discovered 7 reasons why drivers struggle to see when driving at night.


We have the solution for your patients struggling to see at night.   

Varilux Road Pilot and Essilor Road Pilot (single vision) lenses are exclusively powered by Crizal Drive. Crizal Drive is a new premium AR coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision during night driving. The coating offers up to 90% less reflections at night compared to a lens with a hard coating and up to 54% less reflection compared to a lens with Crizal Forte UV.
More than 90% of information a driver uses is visual1, our Varilux Road Pilot sets a new standard for driving lenses. During our research and development for the lens we have gained a greater understanding that presbyopic drivers require a wide intermediate and distance vision. By minimising the near vision zone we can provide less distortion for a more comfortable driving experience at night.
Essilor Road Pilot is the perfect single visions lens for patients with a lifestyle that involves frequent driving.  The new design gives the wearer a better perception of detailed objects that are around them; this clarity is apparent in every direction to the wearer. Which improves the patients ability to react to changes on the road and see in lower light conditions.

For safer driving at night, confidently offer your patients the ultimate driving comfort with the new Road Pilot lenses.

Available to order from the 25th September 2017

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