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For eye care professionals

Would your optical practice benefit from a business consultant?

20 September 2019

Having access to a Bespoke consultant can provide a fresh perspective on your practice.
The optical industry is a complex one that is forever changing and adapting, according to new technology and patient expectations. Whether you have owned an optical practice for years, or you’re new to the industry, there is ample opportunity to continue learning and growing.
Operating an optical practice comes with many challenges and plenty of competition. Often as the business owner of a practice, you are also the leading optician who’s priority is patient satisfaction and delivering a positive experience. This can often leave the strategy side of the business to survive on its own.
Working with a business consultant is a popular choice for many types of businesses, primarily because of the additional benefits it can bring to the business. With that in mind, let’s look at the benefits a business consultant could bring to your optical practice.

What is a business consultant?

When you become a Bespoke partner, you will gain access to a dedicated consultant who is able to liaise with your practice and offer feedback, advice and professional guidance. You will then receive ongoing support every 6 weeks to keep track of every aspect of your practice, including profit margins and business growth.
By working together, your practice can experience a variety of benefits when it comes to strengthening the business. Even if you feel as though you already have ample expertise, having another pair of eyes should still be a consideration moving forward.

Experience additional expertise 

Having access to a Bespoke consultant can provide a fresh perspective on your optical practice. The consultant can help you to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to the existing strengths and weaknesses of your practice.
Having an independent consultant look at this can provide an objective view of your business, and may pave the way for improvements that you might not have spotted yourself. A Bespoke business consultant is able to tell it like it is and offer a transparent view of your current business performance, which can be invaluable if you’re looking to grow.

Take advantage of new opportunities

As a business owner, much of your time will be focused on patient satisfaction and service. You are more likely to be concentrating on eye examinations than you are examining the industry trends.
A business consultant is able to look at the path your practice is currently following, and advise on future decisions that could affect the performance of your business. What’s more, your dedicated consultant can help you to capitalise on opportunities that arise due to industry trends or changes.

Adapt seamlessly to market changes

Any industry can be volatile at any point, and it’s important to know how to react to sudden changes within the market. By becoming a Bespoke partner, your practice will have access to new technological developments and product innovations directly from Essilor.
Allowing you to be one step ahead of your competitors, a Bespoke consultant will help you to see what is driving shifts in the industry, and how to keep up.

Save time and improve efficiency

Benefits such as saving time and being more efficient are probably the ones you are most interested in as a business owner. After all, your resources are nearly always stretched and your teams always have room for improvement, no matter what type of business you run.
By bringing on a Bespoke consultant, you’re able to free up some of your own time, leaving them to analyse your products, pricing strategies and day-to-day operations. What’s more, your consultant can advise on building a strong team that will result in more effective decision making and improved motivation.
To generate the results you’ve always wanted in your practice, consider becoming an Essilor Bespoke practice today.

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