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For eye care professionals

OrCam MyEye 2.0

An intuitive wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist the visually impaired

OrCam MyEye gives independence to people who are blind, visually impaired, or have dyslexia, aphasia or other conditions.
  • Products
    Accurately identify a wide range of consumer products
  • Print
    Instantly hear printed text read from any surface
  • People
    Seamlessly recognise known faces

The most advanced wearable assistive technology solution available for the visually impaired


Enhanced quality of life for people with vision loss

OrCam MyEye’s artificial vision breakthrough provides patients with a convenient and mobile visual aid accessed through a discreet, wearable platform and easy-to-use interface. OrCam does not require internet connectivity – enabling instant processing of visual information into audio as well as the elimination of any privacy and reception issues.

Return independence to your visually impaired patients


OrCam MyEye is appropriate for users of all ages and levels of visual impairment. Every new user of OrCam MyEye will have a 30 minute session with their optician who will teach them how to incorporate the device’s technology into their daily life. When all other options for visually impaired patients are exhausted, OrCam MyEye’s revolutionary assistive technology device is a powerful solution.

Key features

Easy to use

All you have to do is point


OrCam MyEye is activated by a simple intuitive gesture – pointing your finger or pressing a single button. Whether it’s to read text, recognise a familiar face or identify a product, OrCam MyEye responds instantly.

Identify your objects

Personalise OrCam MyEye by teaching it

Identify previously entered consumer products, credit cards and even pre-loaded money notes to make shopping, dining and paying quicker, easier – and more assured.

Read from any surface

Hear any printed text, in real time

OrCam MyEye enables you to read newspapers, books, street signs, menus, supermarket product labels and even text on a computer or smartphone screen. Our technology is perfect for use at home and on the go.

Recognise known faces

For the people in your life

Now there's no more uncertainty of who is standing before you. Previously stored faces are recognised and announced once in the OrCam MyEye smart camera's view. Up to 100 faces of individuals can be stored.

Telling Time


Time and date are conveniently announced with a turn of the wrist. Fit in with everyone with this ergonomic gesture.

Colour Detection


Pick out a shirt, choose a gift, shop with confidence with quick and accurate colour detection.


Tiny, lightweight, convenient, and completely mobile

  • Weighs only 22.5 grams / 0.8 ounces
  • Works in dark areas with built-in LEDs
  • Snaps onto any eyeglass frame magnetically
  • Hear with built-in HD mini speaker
  • Touch bar for easy “swipe” control
  • Instant WiFi software updates


Essilor Instruments brochure

Our goal is to provide ECPs equipment and services that meet their business needs whilst they build trustful relationships with their patients.

Download (PDF)

JAMA Opthalmology research study

The study evaluates the benefits of a portable artificial vision device (OrCam) amongst patients with low vision.

Download (PDF)

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