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For eye care professionals

Transitions Signature VII

See clearly. See comfortably. Any weather. Anywhere.

Offers 100% UVA and UVB protection. Clear as a clear lens indoors, Transistions Signature VII is the perfect lens design for visual comfort all year round.
  • Recommended for
    Patients who spend lots of time outside or are light sensitive
  • Patients Benfits
    Clear as a clear lens. UV protection and reduced glare. Comfortable vision in all light conditions.
  • Guarantee
    Covered by Love 'em or Leave 'em guarantee


Transitions Signature VII Brown


Transitions Signature VII Graphite Green


Transitions Signature VII Grey

Transitions Lenses | Brown

The most visual enhancing photochromic we've ever made

Any temperature. Anywhere in the world


When wearing Transitions Signature VII lenses, your patients are protected from light and benefit from reduced glare, even in hotter temperatures. Transitions Signature VII is the most light reactive photochromic lens we have ever made. 


Comfortable vision with reduced glare

Adaptation speed is essential for glare reduction when moving from indoors to outdoors. When entering indoor spaces, they fade back to clear.

Blue-violet protection


Transitions Signature VII protects wearers eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light waves and by blocking UV light.

Lens protection with Crizal Sapphire UV


Crizal Sapphie UV coating provides protection against UV light and is anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent.

Learn more about Crizal Sapphire UV >

Meet Chromea 7. The most advanced photochromic technology

Chromea 7, the most advance photochromic technology. Exclusive to Transitions

Chromea 7

When Transitions lenses are exposed to UV light, Chromea 7 activates trillions of photochromic molecules which begin to change structure. Each molecule constantly and smoothly re-calibrates so the optimal amount of light reaches the wearers eyes. This precise process is seamless in bright sunlight, under cloud cover and indoors.


Lens Options

  Signature VII
Essilor Eyezen Yes
SV 360 Yes
Special Lenses Yes
Varilux X series Yes
Varilux E series Yes
Varilux Digitime Yes



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