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For eye care professionals

Wave Analyzer Medica 700

Fast, automatic and feature-rich

The Wave Analyzer medica 700 is a very intuitive, rapid and fully automatic aberrometer. It provides accurate and detailed measurements.

Wave Analyzer Medica 700 
  • Customer Journey
    Links screening to sales
  • Fast
    7 tests in 90 seconds
  • Lens Rebate
    Discount on monthly payments

Key Features

The Wave Analyzer Medica 700  is a fast and effective automatic aberrometer that provides 7 measurements in 90 seconds.
With wireless connectivity, it facilitates the sharing of results with patients and transfer of data for follow-up monitoring or action.
  • Full assessment of the anterior chamber
  • All measurements performed automatically
  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology
  • Large touch screen makes it simple to navigate the measurement cycle
  • Easy data sharing with clear and customisable result reports

Comprehensive measurements

Wave Analyser Graphic
The Wave Analyzer provides 7 measurements in 90 seconds, including:
  • 1/100 diopter refraction for day and night vision
  • Low and high order aberration with simulation of vision quality
  • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection
  • Retro-illumination of crystalline lens for opacity check and cataract screening
  • Scheimpflug-based pachymetry and tonometry for secured glaucoma screening

The Wave Analyzer in action

The Wave Analyzer can show the difference of a patient’s day and night vision. In practice you scientifically highlight this sensitivity with different functions.


When using the Point Spread Function (PSF) method you can show the different impact of a point on the retina between day and night.

Wave Analyzer simulation screen
Wave Analyzer summary screen


The summary gives the overall measurements for the patient. Here you can see the difference in pupil size from day to night and specific refraction needs.

Coefficient Aberration

The Low Order Aberration (LOA) column demonstrates the impact of glare on a patient. The bigger the difference in the columns the more glare a patient will experience.

Wave Analyzer Coefficient Aberration screen

Day and night driving lenses

The Wave Analyzer Medica 700 can help you show patients the need for driving lenses, especially at night.

Crizal Drive

Our new premium anti-reflective coating that offers impeccable clarity of vision. Reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night.

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Essilor Road Pilot

The perfect single vision lens for patients with a lifestyle that involves frequent driving

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Varilux Road Pilot

This lens is a specific design to best match the drivers’ visual needs, resulting in a wide far and intermediate vision zone.

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Klaus from Optik Brueu, Mulhelm

I decided to place Essilor Wave Analyzer Medica 700 at the heart of my shop, where it links the different steps of the patients’ pathway from the screening to the sales process. With more than 700 patients, I can say that 1 out of 5 were interested in the specific lenses regarding night vision. The PSF Method allowed us to display understandable results leading to complementary equipments for the customers.

Klaus Brueur, Optik Brueu, Mulhelm

Beth from Estrella Mountain Care, Avondale AZ

I recently purchased the WAM700 (Wave Analyzer Medica 700 Wavefront Abberrometer) after reviewing other similar instruments on the market. This instrument is great! By doing 7 different measurements within 2 minutes per eye, it is a time saver and money generator! My staff loves the ease of this machine, I like the data it provides without having to use multiple different devices and the patients are impressed with the technology. I highly recommend the WAM700.

Beth Pyle-Smith, OD, Estrella Mountain Eye Care, Avondale AZ


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