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For eye care professionals

Vision-R™ 800

Digital infinite refraction

With Vision-R™ 800 enter a new era of refraction. Offer your patients the best of their vision.
  • Patient comfort
    A wider field of view compared to standard phoropter head.
  • Easier for Optometrist
    Assisted SMART tests + SMART programs assist for a quicker refraction
  • More accurate refraction
    Has the ability to refract to 0.01D

After four years of research and development, Essilor Instruments are pleased to introduce a new phoropter that will reinvent refraction for the eye care professional and the patient alike.


Key Features

Breakthrough Technology

  • A patented automated optical module powered by digitally controlled motors
  • Providing simultaneous and instantaneous changes or sphere, cylinder and axis. 
  • Sphere range -20.00 D to +20.00 D in 0.01 D increments
  • Cylinder range o 8.00 D in 0.01 D increments
  • Axis range from 0° to 180° in 1°steps
  • All changes in a continuous and smooth way.



Prescription accuracy of 0.01 D thanks to the continuous power variations of the sphere and cylinder by 0.01 D increments. Furthermore, the refraction value depends on the vertex distance, the Vision-R 800 phoropter’s back cameras measure to an accuracy of 0.01mm.


In the traditional refraction procedure, values are rounded to 0.25 D at each stage and inaccuracies accumulate. In the precise Digital Infinite Refraction™ procedure, all the refraction is conducted with 0.01 D increments and the final value is rounded to the nearest 0.25 D, with four options for the optometrist to choose from, providing a more reliable result for your patient.


Patient comfort

The smooth power changes and a wider field of vision make refraction very comfortable for the patient. The procedure is shorter and there is no fatigue. All along the refraction procedure, variation steps are adjusted to patient sensitivity making differences easier to perceive and, as a consequence, responses are easier to give. At the end of the test, Vision-R 800 phoropter offers patients the fascinating experience of comparing refractions in simulated real-life conditions.

Easier for the Optometrist

The practitioner reaches the final refraction more quickly than with traditional methods thanks to the continuous and simultaneous changes of sphere power, cylinder axis and cylinder power. Also, the module’s “SMART tests & SMART programs”, which are special algorithms assist the optometrist in conducting the refraction procedure, making it both fast and easy. The practitioner displays the various tests, records the patient's answers and follows the algorithm progression which automatically ends when the value is found.

Coming Soon!


The breakthrough journey of high precision.


Step 01:

A more precision eye exam to 0.01D with the Vision-R 800, thanks to the optical module and continuous power variations. 

Step 02:

A precise lens calculation to dispense lenses with a 0.01D prescription, integrated into Essilor's premium lens designs. This option is called A.V.A: Advanced Vision Accuracy.

A.V.A will be available in:

Varilux X series  |  Varilux E Series |  Varilux Physio 3.0  |  Eyezen  

Try the Vision-R 800 before you buy it!    

Register your practice for a free trial of the Vision-R 800. Our team will install the photopter in your testing room for a week. After the week has finished there is no obligation to purchase the Vision-R 800.  

Available on Lens Rebate Scheme

Help cover the cost of your optical instruments with a lens rebate deal

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Vision-R 800 Brochure

Learn more about the benefits and specifications of Vision-R 800 phoropter.

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