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For eye care professionals

Pre-test instruments

Equipment to enhance screening and measuring capabilities

Pre-test instruments are an important part of every optical practice, giving you the tools you need for accurate measurements and screening for eye conditions. Our collection of pre-test optical measuring systems include refractometers, aberrometers, focimeters and perimeters to help you achieve an efficient and precise eye examination process.
Intuitive and practical pre-test optical measuring systems can make a huge difference in patient experience and loyalty, as well as enhancing your job satisfaction and practice reputation. It’s crucial that you’re using optical measuring systems that provide reliable and accurate diagnostic data. At Essilor, our range of pre-test instruments can help you to reach new levels of vision care. 


Automated optical measuring systems

Our range of pre-test measuring systems give you the opportunity to offer a higher standard of patient care, with automated functions that make the eye examination process quicker and more comfortable. Using innovative technology, we have created a range of kerato-refractometers, focimeters and more, with a whole host of benefits for all parties. Deliver cutting edge precision for each and every patient, by measuring their vision capabilities more accurately than before. 
Pre-test optical measuring systems from Essilor are easy to use, with automated functions that can help you and your patients follow social distancing guidelines. Intuitive design combined with practical features allow you to gain a full picture of your patients’ vision, helping you to diagnose refraction or screen carefully for changes in eye health. Our instruments can provide quick results without compromising on quality, so you can feel confident in your recommendations.

Why choose Essilor?

We have engineered a number of optical measuring systems to benefit your practice and ensure you have the equipment to stand out against your competitors. Our pre-test instruments are designed to be straightforward, allowing you to speed up refraction and prescription processes without cutting corners. The equipment you see here goes above and beyond to make sure you’re offering the best care, with automated analysis for you to share with your patients.
Enhance your patient’s experience in your practice with a variety of optical measuring systems that help you deliver additional expertise and advice. We can offer a lens rebate scheme to help you cover the cost of your optical instruments.

Discover the latest pre-test optical measuring systems

Auto Kerato - Refractometers

Automated refractometer to achieve accurate and reliable diagnostic data

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Intuitive and practical auto focimeters to speed up the refraction and prescription process

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Precise and fast testing of visual fields with cutting-edge design and software capabilities

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Wave Analyzer Medica 800

Fully automated rapid aberrometer for comprehensive eye screening in under 2 minutes

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Lens Rebate Scheme

Help cover the cost of your optical instruments with our lens rebate deal

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