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For eye care professionals


Improving Lives by Improving Sight


At Essilor, we have a range of lenses that are suitable for every patient, no matter their age or vision needs. From standard lenses for refractive errors, to specialised solutions for protection from glare and UV light, our collection of lenses gives you the right tools to help improve your patients’ vision. With premium lenses for customers to fall in love with, you can offer clear and comfortable vision for every patient that comes through your doors. 
Correct and enhance vision with our range of lenses, helping those who struggle with myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia or low vision. We can also provide coatings for lenses, enhancing visual comfort, reducing reflections and eliminating fog on lenses; something that is particularly useful as we continue to wear face coverings.

Offer your patients the best in lens technology

With a range of lenses to suit different vision needs, we offer varifocal and single vision lenses, along with photochromic lenses and sunwear. Thanks to the latest technology, you can now personalise your patients’ lenses even further, to match their prescription and behaviour more accurately than before. 
Essilor is a leader in lens technology, offering a different type of lens to suit every age, every lifestyle and every vision need. It’s crucial that our lenses are able to keep up with our modern everyday lives, which is why we have developed a range to ensure there is a solution for everyone.

Why choose Essilor?

Essilor invented the first varifocal lens in 1959, and have been committed to making sure independent opticians and patients alike have access to the best possible vision care, both through our optical instruments and our lenses. Combining the best corrective lens designs with protective benefits, we can help you get the most out of your patients’ vision, no matter their prescription.
Give your patients effortless vision with Essilor lenses. Check out our full range below to find out more. 

Discover our range of lenses

Myopia Management

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Premium lenses from the company that invented the first varifocal lens

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Single Vision

Single vision lenses for some of the most common eye conditions

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Light reactive lenses for automatic protection from harmful light

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Blue Cut

A revolution in protection against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light in an aesthetically clear lens.

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Sun lenses to increase visual comfort and protection

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Lens Coatings

Protect your patients’ lenses along with a full range of benefits

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Low Vision Lenses

Treat unique vision demands or specific patient needs

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Personalised Lenses

Discover personalisation options for your patients’ lenses

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