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For eye care professionals

Lens Coatings

Additional protection for lenses from reflections, UV light, fog and more

Lens coatings can provide an additional layer of protection for lenses, helping your patients get more out of their vision. The right lens coating could help the lens to become more durable as well as providing benefits to maintain healthy eyes. At Essilor we have a number of different lens coatings to suit a variety of needs, giving you the chance to offer something unique to your patients. 

Anyone who wears lenses will understand the enemies of clear vision, from dust and scratches to reflections and UV light. Our collection of lens coatings can be applied to any of our lens types, helping your patients to experience enhanced vision whether they need single vision or varifocal lenses. From bothersome reflections bouncing off the lens, to face coverings causing lenses to steam up, let our lens coatings add a new dimension to clear, sharp vision.


Lens coatings that really make a difference


Our range of Crizal and Optifog lens coatings have been engineered to enhance patients’ visual comfort and eye health, making sure that wearing lenses is a pleasure and not a chore. Each with their own individual benefits, our lens coatings can protect the wearer from different distractions that can come from certain environments. 


With leading technology, Optifog and Crizal lens coatings are designed to take your patients’ vision to the next level. Crizal Drive is particularly suited to those who drive frequently, reducing reflections on the road, especially at night. Crizal Prevencia is a premium lens coating to offer protection from UV and blue-violet light, which could lead to premature ageing and a higher risk of developing eye conditions. Crizal Sapphire can increase the transparency of the lens, delivering a better appearance while reducing reflections and ghost images.


As lens wearers continue to meet challenges, such as glasses fogging up when wearing face coverings, the team at Essilor provide essential solutions. Optifog is an anti-fog lens coating, using two patented technologies to prevent lenses from steaming up. 


So, whatever vision challenges your patients struggle with, meet their needs with the right selection of lens coatings and enhancements. 


Why choose Essilor?


The history of Essilor spans over 170 years, dedicated to research and innovation in order to deliver the best possible lenses and other products for our partner opticians. Not only did we invent varifocal lenses, but our portfolio of lens products continues to grow. 


In 1992, we released our first Crizal lens coating, and it was hailed as one of the biggest advancements for lens wearers. Twenty years later, we released Crizal Prevencia, the first preventative lens coating that protects from harmful blue-violet and UV light.

Discover the full range of lens coatings

Crizal Drive

Premium anti-reflective lens coating for a safer vision experience behind the wheel

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Crizal Prevencia

Providing protection from harmful blue-violet and UV light, rated E-SPF 35 for optimal vision safety

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Crizal Sapphire HR

Reducing reflections and ghost images, with increased transparency for a better appearance at all angles

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Unique anti-fog system to prevent lenses from steaming up, with two patented technologies

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Single Vision Lenses

Discover Essilor's premium Single vision range

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