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For eye care professionals

Crizal Sapphire HR

Our latest generation anti-reflective coating

Crizal Sapphire HR is our latest generation anti-reflective coating, and the best anti-reflective coating overall (1). It builds on Crizal’s promise to protect eyes and lenses, and aims to answer the concerns of spectacle wearers by simultaneously providing both exceptional clarity and scratch resistance with no compromise thanks to the finest Crizal technologies combined into one coating.

Crizal® Sapphire™ HR coating combines all of Crizal®’s benefits (i.e. 360° reduction of  reflections, ease of cleaning, dust and water repellence and UV protection) with a strong improvement on scratch resistance and durability. This all-in-one solution allows the lenses to stay clear and clean in the long run (2).  
  • Recommended for
    Patients looking for better lens aesthetics
  • Patients benefits
    Increased transparency of the lens for a better appearance at all angles
  • Guarantee
    Covered by the Crizal scratch guarantee

Pure Vision

Improved transmission of visual information reduces ghost images resulting in a decrease of bothersome reflections.

Increased transparency

Everyone wants to be seen in their best light. Crizal Sapphire HR offers the same level of lens transparency as Crizal Sapphire UV thanks to the 360° Multi-Angular Technology. This technology ensures that reflections are reduced from light hitting the lens from every angle, resulting in excellent aesthetics and visual clarity.

Light protection

The eyes are constantly exposed to UV rays outdoors on both sunny and cloudy days. Crizal Sapphire HR comes with an E-SPF35 rating to give patients peace of mind that their eyes are protected.

Lens protection and visual clarity

Crizal Sapphire HR maintains industry leading anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent benefits ensuring ultimate lens protection.

Enhanced lens protection

 Crizal Forte UV water resistant

Water Repellency

Microscopic gaps in the coating are filled with Hydrophobic (water repellent) molecules. Therefore, smoothing the surface of the lens, which allows water droplets to roll from the lens surface without leaving a trace.

Crizal Forte UV dust repellent

Dust Repellency

An anti-static layer prevents positive dust particles sitting on the lens.

Crizal Forte UV scratch resistant

Scratch Resistance


Both the scratch resistance and thermal resistance of Crizal Sapphire HR have been improved compared with the previous version thanks to the inclusion of three key components:

  1. A revised ratio of thickness between some of the high and low index layers to achieve a better resistance to abrasion.
  2. An optimised process that increases the density of the final stack to ensure stronger resistance.
  3. A new stack composition that includes our High-Resistance Technology, combining specific oxides known for their resistance against dust, scratches, and temperature.

Crizal Forte UV smudge resistant


Smudge Repellency


Smudges appear on lenses due to uneven nano molecules found on the surface of coatings. By smoothing fluorinated molecules into a consistent pattern Crizal Sapphire HR offers a superior smudge repellence.

Crizal Sapphire HR technology

Technological break through.

Crizal Sapphire HR is our best Crizal coating yet, and the best anti-reflective coating overall (1). Keeping the lenses from being scratched, reflecting light or being stained can be a constant battle for spectacle wearers. This is why when it comes to choosing the features their next pair of eyeglasses should have, people don’t want to compromise on clarity, resistance, ease of care and protection. Crizal Sapphire HR provides all of the most important lens properties with no compromise.

Crizal Sapphire UV technology

Research behind Crizal Sapphire HR

A new way of thinking about AR coatings

Click below to read the white paper on the research behind the best anti-reflective coating overall (2).

Crizal Sapphire UV research

Lens design compatibility

Lens Options

  Crizal Sapphire HR
Essilor Eyezen Yes
Special Lenses Yes
Varilux X series Yes
Varilux Digitime Yes
(1) External laboratory tests and internal technical tests - 2020. Compared to the competitor most known lens-brands by consumers (2019 external brand tracking in 11 countries). The word ‘overall’refers to anti-reflective coatings important criteria, ranked through an external quantitative consumer study - 2019.
(2) External laboratory test – stain release test – 2020



Crizal Sapphire HR Brochure

For more information about Crizal Sapphire HR, take a look at the product brochure.

Download (PDF)

Crizal Sapphire HR White Paper

Download the white to understand the research behind the best anti-reflective coating overall.

Download (PDF)