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For eye care professionals

Photochromic Lenses

Light reactive lenses to protect from UV rays and make vision more comfortable


Photochromic lenses can help your patients to ensure light more comfortably, making bright sunlight more bearable and safer. Created with photochromic technology, our range of smart light reactive lenses will automatically darken and return to clear, depending on the amount of light they are exposed to.


Overexposure to sunlight has been linked to a number of eye conditions, including cataracts. By offering the right sun protection lenses to your patients, you can help to reduce their risk of developing eye health problems later in life. Photochromic lenses are available in a number of lens types, including single vision lenses and varifocals, so your patients can enjoy corrected and protected vision in one.


Photochromic lenses by Transitions 


One of the most popular brands of photochromic lenses in the UK is Transitions, which you’ll find here at Essilor. With 4 different types to choose from, Transitions photochromic lenses have something to suit every lifestyle and vision need. From Transitions Signature offering the latest technology in photochromic lenses, to Transitions XTRActive that will darken behind a car windshield, you’ll find the right collection of sun protection lenses here. 


Also known as light adaptive lenses, photochromic lenses offer a new frontier of performance, coupled with stylish finishes to ensure comfortable, optimum vision all day long. Offering protection from UV and harmful blue light, photochromic lenses are a modern solution for patients who are light sensitive, or spend a lot of time going from indoors to outside and vice versa.


Why choose photochromic lenses?


Adding photochromic lenses to the choice in your practice can open up a world of possibilities for your customers. Meet patient demand by providing a collection of lenses that cater to their needs perfectly, including photochromic lenses that will darken and lighten automatically. 


Based on breakthrough technology, Transitions photochromic lenses are the result of our ongoing commitment to innovation in lens manufacturing. Offering a functional and practical solution to UV protection without compromising on style, our range of photochromic lenses are an important part of delivering the best eye care possible. Give your patients the chance to experience photochromic technology today.

Discover our range of photochromic lenses

Transitions Signature GEN 8

The first photochromic lens with nano-composite technology, fading back to clear faster than before

Learn more

Transitions™ XTRactive® Polarized™

The first photochromic lens that combines an exclusive multi-layer matrix with new broad-spectrum dyes.

Learn more

Transitions Style Mirrors

Fashionable photochromic lenses with a mirrored finish, inspiring a new generation of Transitions wearers

Learn more

Transitions XTRActive NG

Protecting wearers at all times with lenses that darken even behind a car windshield, with full UV protection

Learn more

Varilux X series

Varifocals for a generation with new needs

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