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For eye care professionals


Essilor will source, supply and install the most up to date digital technology needed to elevate your practice to another level

Our aim is to offer our Bespoke partners the most up to date technology (measuring devices, digital advertising content and digital display units) at all times in order to differentiate from their competitors and attract a younger patient base.

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Dispense with the revolutionary Visioffice® X


Make the most out of personalisation for your patient with Visioffice® X. The device measures all physiological and behavioural parameters, in only 30 seconds. It's leading digital dispensing technology ensures your practice always delivers an accurate and precise dispense. Visioffice® X has reinvested the patient experience and is integral to a Bespoke practice.

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Technology support


Before and after a Bespoke installation our support team is ready to guide you through your exciting practice evolution and answer any of your questions.

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Market to customers with engaging video content either in or outside of your practice with a digital display unit. You will be able to choose from a number of different screen sizes and fitting options. Activ'screen will display promotional content 24 hours a day.


Visioffice X

Visioffice® X offers a complete in-store measuring solution that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients. Its reinvented customer experience promises to improve patient loyalty by making the process more memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

Eyecode technology 

Eyecode™ is a patented and exclusive technology allowing to measure in 3D the exact position of the Eye Rotation Centre. This unique point in the eye, where all fixation lines intersect, is considered in the lens production to calculate more precisely each fixation and provide a higher lens precision for an instant vision without effort for the wearer².

Near vision behaviour measurement

Near vision activities involve a whole-body posture response and each wearer behaves differently while performing a near vision task. The Near Vision Behaviour measurement³ recreates a familiar close-up task to understand how wearers naturally use their eyes to provide them with a better and accelerated adaptation to their new lenses⁴.


H3D analysis


H3D is a patented and exclusive protocol which analyses the natural posture of the patient in far vision with an accuracy of 1/10 of a degree. The H3D technology is automatically embedded in the Visioffice® X’s measurements protocol to ensure a better comfort for the wearer.

Visioffice® X is launching at Optrafair 30th March - 1st April.  

   Visioffice X
2) At least 5 times higher than other Essilor’s personalized lenses without eyecode. 2009 Essilor R&D calculations. 
3) Only available with Varilux Xclusive 4D and Varilux X track.
4) Varilux X series studies. 2016 Essilor R&D calculations.

Did you know?

Patients are 30% more likely to purchase when measured digitally

Digital display units

Our user friendly digital display units come in a variety of styles and sizes. All units are designed for constant 24/7 public usage; achieved by using commercial grade panels and components. This ensures that the ultra-sharp colours do not fade over time, as they would with other panels found in TVs and PC monitors.

To protect against potential damage or tampering from the public, each unit has a mild steel enclosure, a stylish tempered glass front panel, no easily accessible buttons or controls and a locker door to prevent any unwanted updates. They also feature a number of AV inputs for use as a monitor and feature eco-friendly power timers.


Connected Practice

By combining highly innovative technology with intelligent data information systems, we can completely revolutionise the overall experience, both for your practice and your patients.


Activ’screen is the perfect way to digitalise the patient journey. Each step is personalised, allowing you to enhance their experience and understand them better.
  • Generate traffic to your practice
  • Provide information on your latest products and services
  • Make waiting times more profitable
  • Create a new experience for your patients
Activ’screen allows you to choose how your customers are greeted and assisted, utilising the same method across all points of sale.

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