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For eye care professionals

Understanding Crizal Sapphire UV and how to recommend it to your patients

03 August 2018

Crizal Sapphire UV is a real step forward in lens coating technology discover how to recommend our latest innovation to your patients. 
We live in a fast-changing world and Essilor is continuously improving and innovating to meet new needs and create better visual solutions for your patients. In the last 25 years, Crizal® has enabled eye care professionals to recommend and dispense millions of outstanding lenses. The product range on offer from Crizal is now simpler, making it easier for you to communicate the benefits to each person in your practice. 

What is Crizal Sapphire UV?

The new Crizal Sapphire UV lens is almost invisible (1), using new multi-angular technology to reduce reflections wherever light comes from. In fact, it’s up to 70% more effective (2) in reducing reflections than its predecessor Crizal Forte UV with outstanding AR efficacy and strong UV protection. These advances make it easy to dispense Crizal Sapphire UV to patients. For those who have previously been dispensed with Crizal Forte UV, there is no need for a new level of education. Crizal Sapphire UV has all the same benefits as Crizal Forte UV, including the 2 year scratch guarantee. Instead, you simply need to explain what is new and better in the way of reduced reflections and better aesthetics.

Educating your customers

The Crizal dispensing process has, essentially, been simplified for both you and your patients. This is something we’ll get to a bit later on. However, considering how Crizal is presented to patients from the very start of their journey into your practice is still an area that is of paramount importance as it forms a core part of the patient education journey. 

When sending out reminders such as recall letters or eNewsletters, you can sow the seed of information. However, if you’re looking for something different to share with patients, you could mention the instore EyeCast Pro+ app. It’s perfect for people who want to find out more about their lens and coating options before purchase when they’re instore. EyeCast Pro +, as well as Nautilus, simply allows each person to compare the different vision experiences with the lens comparison and learn about the different levels of protection Crizal lenses can provide. 

Once the patient is in practice, continue to make them aware of the benefits that Crizal offers and most importantly the problems that Crizal will solve for each individual. You can do this using point of sale materials, incorporating Crizal materials in the window display, on the reception counter and at the dispensing station. It can take several opportunities to view a message before a person will take action. 

Staff training

The new Crizal range makes life easier for the dispensing optician and the whole practice team and you can maximise this with the right staff training — so every member of the team understands the seven ways in which Crizal will benefit the patient. Staff training does not need to delve into greater complexity: for once you can explain to your team that everything is now simpler. A fun way to start the topic is to ask staff to list the enemies of clear vision. You probably know these all too well. The list includes reflections, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV and blue-violet light. You can then go on to explain how Crizal acts in several ways to provide clear vision and protection:

• The Crizal coating reduces distracting reflections from all around
• It makes lenses more resistant to scratches for long-lasting visual performance
• It provides superior resistance to oils, water spots and finger smudges for long-lasting cleanability
• It keeps dust off lenses for an anti-static action (3) and its water-repellence properties provide protection from rain and water
• Beyond that, all Crizal coatings offer front and back surface UV protection
• Crizal Prevencia goes a step further in protection by selectively filtering harmful blue-violet light while letting essential blue light pass through

Dispensing Crizal Sapphire UV

Moving on to the dispense, as you know decisions around which lens to recommend should start with the patient’s needs. What’s changed, however, is how simple it is to now recommend a Crizal product to them; in this case Crizal Sapphire UV.


If your patient is weighing up the benefits of their previous lenses and Crizal Sapphire UV, for example, you can discuss quality lens transparency: The new Crizal Sapphire UV offers patients an excellent aesthetic choice over alternatives. You can explain this in staff training and every team member can pass the message on to patients that each Crizal innovation is tried and rated by wearers prior to launch.

Crizal innovations are launched to the market only when they reach a very high level of satisfaction, through wearers testing Crizal coatings in real life conditions. As one example, Crizal Sapphire UV was tested in several modern life situations such as taking a selfie and being in the office surrounded by multiple light sources. Use this sort of information to help market it to your customers. Like taking selfies? Well, here’s why Crizal Sapphire UV is the option for you. 


Another topic to discuss during the dispense would be the relief from reflections. Consider the type of questions you and your team need to ask each patient about their hobbies and lifestyle. You could talk about pastimes, the amount of time spent on different types of screen and the type of driving they do. Each can bring an opportunity to tailor the perfect lens coating for the situation and even better offer one coating which meets all or many of the patient’s needs, such as Crizal Sapphire UV.  

The health conscious patient

As patients are becoming more and more health-savvy, such as understanding the effects prolonged exposure to blue-violet light from the sun may have, the ECP needs to be able to understand when to offer Crizal Prevencia over Crizal Sapphire UV. 

The new Crizal range makes this simple for you. All Crizal lenses come with the usual protection against smudges, scratches, UV rays etc, but Crizal Prevencia comes with the added benefit of selectively filtering out harmful blue-violet light. 

So, should a patient enter your practice with the goal of supporting their eye health or have a family history that supports the need for harmful light protection, the ideal solution is to dispense Crizal Prevencia over Crizal Sapphire UV. If they’re after a lens for aesthetic value, however, then it’s the other way around. As we said: simple. 

Tools to help you

Don’t forget that you can easily demonstrate the visible benefits of Crizal lenses using the Nautilus 3D virtual reality headset. This new generation of lens demonstration tool allows patients to see and virtually test the lens solutions that you recommend while immersed in a 3D real-life virtual environment. Nautilus combines a headset, with a simulator, tablet and intuitive app. The simulator sits inside the headset and acts as a screen for the patient, with the practitioner using the tablet as a controller. The patient experiences real-life situations, with 360° and interactive scenes, allowing them to see what benefits their future lenses could bring them.

So, to sum up, Crizal Sapphire UV is a real step forward in lens coating technology. It benefits the patient and makes it easier for you to provide a solution to their needs. A top quality range of coatings will provide a better patient experience and boost your practice reputation. For more information on how to market Crizal Sapphire UV, just get in touch with your Essilor account manager. 



(1) Perceived invisibility based on Wearers Test 2017 (Fr) N = 50 - resulting from a better perception of anti-reflective feature.
(2) EUROSYN – 2016 – France – n = 13 - In-lab study with trained consumers.* Scale: 0 (very reflecting) to 10 (not all reflecting).
(3) Crizal Sapphire UV and Crizal Prevencia only


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