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For eye care professionals

How to grow your optical practice in 2020

12 December 2019

With a new year and a fresh start only weeks away, it’s important that you are looking towards 2020 and what you can do to continue growing your practice.
With a new year and a fresh start only weeks away, it’s important that you are looking towards 2020 and what you can do to continue growing your practice. If you haven’t already, then now is the time to set your 2020 goals.
Whether you are hoping to offer a better service to your customers, implement new technology or develop your business model further, you have a new year in which to achieve it. With Essilor Bespoke, it might be a little less daunting than you think.
If you are beginning to plan 2020 in order to find new ways of growing your business, here is some helpful advice to get you started.

Research the latest technology

Things can move so quickly when it comes to technology, and it’s easy to get left behind. When it comes to competing with larger practices and multiples, it can feel impossible to keep up and match their huge budgets.
Despite this, it’s still crucial that you look into the latest technology and devices that are available in the optical industry. When you become an Essilor Bespoke partner, you can unlock access to some of the most advanced optical instruments on the market.
Digital technology of this kind can help you to differentiate from your competitors and even attract younger patients, encouraging younger generations to take an interest in their eye health.

Source new opportunities

Whether you have been running your practice for a few months or a decade, you will no doubt face new challenges all the time. This develops the need for new opportunities to overcome these challenges. It is important to adapt to market changes and capitalise on any opportunities you come across in the process.
Your pricing structure, product offering and staff can all be reviewed throughout the year to make sure you remain competitive and experienced. Not only can this impact your profit margins, but can also help you develop a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses, identifying key areas for growth.
Essilor Bespoke can offer you a dedicated business consultant to help with this, saving you precious time and offering an objective perspective.

Improving the patient experience

By gaining a better understanding of your patients’ journey through your practice, you can learn how to identify changes to your business and its services. Consider the patient journey and what aspects of your practice need improving, whether it’s driving more patients into your store or where to place strategic advertisements to catch their attention.
By becoming an Essilor Bespoke partner, you can benefit from an initial consultation that will introduce you to a unique profit algorithm and retail guide pricing. This can ensure your business is based on positive financial success, as well as patient satisfaction.
These three areas can be instrumental in growing your optical practice, and should be implemented and reviewed throughout 2020 if you are looking to boost success further.

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