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For eye care professionals

Creating an Immersive Patient Experience

25 July 2019

The demands and expectations of a modern patient mean that it's even more important than ever for practices to offer a personal service that provides real value...
Today’s patients have changed from the patient even just a few years ago. The demands and expectations of a modern patient mean that it’s even more important than ever for practices to offer a personal service that provides real value. With more competition from supermarkets and multiples, independent opticians must look for a way to differentiate themselves.
Today’s patients have a much bigger interest in every experience, including their eye health. Consider the idea that patients actually want to be part of the process, and not just an observer. With that in mind, an immersive experience within your practice can provide a way to attract new patients and retain current ones.
An immersive experience can put the patient right at the heart of their eye care, giving you the chance to provide enhanced support and guidance through the eye examination and dispensing processes. At Essilor Instruments, we have the right technology to help you achieve this within your practice.

Putting your patient at the heart of the process

Designed specifically with an immersive experience in mind, Nautilus is a virtual reality dispensing aid that puts the patient at the centre of the demonstration. Nautilus can simulate the patient’s vision through the lens solution you have recommended, allowing the patient to experience the effects first-hand.
With the rise of virtual reality in recent years, the optometry industry has been provided with a chance to utilise it to enhance the patient’s involvement when it comes to their eye care. The Nautilus instrument can simulate in 3 different ways; 3D virtual scenes, 360 degree reality and augmented reality.
This gives the patient the chance to compare different lens designs and see for themselves the different solutions available for their vision needs. What’s more, this process allows you to explain the benefits of the lens better, and the patient is able to quite literally see it for themselves, therefore reinforcing your expertise.
The instrument is synched to a tablet, making it easy to use and providing a hassle-free way for patients to consider upgrading their lens solution to reap the benefits of personalised vision care.

Personalised digital measurements

One of the most effective ways to provide patients with a more immersive experience is to carry out accurate, personalised measurements through a digital device. The use of digital devices is something your patients will already be familiar with, instantly making the patient feel more at ease with the process presented to them.
The Eye Ruler 2 can provide 5 frame measurements and 3 near-vision measurements through an app on a tablet. This can provide patients with an insight to lens performance and allows them to understand better. The parameter clip can help to fit the patients’ frames, and together the clip and tablet camera can measure eye and head movement.
The Eye Ruler 2 can take front and ¾ view images for 3D reconstructive image of frame personalisation. Offering a way to differentiate yourself, the patient will be experiencing something different from other opticians who don’t have access to such technology. In a digitally-driven world, digital measurements can be crucial in engaging the patient and piquing their interest further.

Interactive dispensing process

By becoming a Bespoke practice, you can create an even more interactive experience for your patients through a unique measuring process. The Visioffice X can provide measurements with an accuracy within 1/10 of a degree. Created with multiple cameras, this instrument is able to provide 3D reconstruction of the eye-lens combination.
Markers placed on the frames can facilitate statistical analysis of the individual patient’s natural posture, creating a lens solution that has been perfectly tailored. Vocal and visual instructions can provide a better appreciation of the measurements taken, and requires patient input to complete the process.
Allowing the patient to be immersed in the process, they can better understand the value of receiving such a service.

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