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For eye care professionals

How personalised lenses can help your practice grow

17 July 2019

How much do your patients know about their own eye health? Or about the process of measuring and dispensing lenses to correct vision problems?
It is safe to say that they may only know the basics; in fact, there is a common misconception that all lenses are the same. It is likely that your patients are more concerned with choosing their favourite frame brand than their lenses.

Many opticians will offer similar options for lens materials and technology.  What if you discovered that you could offer something unique to your patients when it comes to lenses? This is where our Essilor Bespoke strategy comes in...

Personalised lenses for your practice

No two pairs of eyes are the same; everyone’s vision and eye health can differ. It is important that the lens solutions you offer are able to cater to that uniqueness. Personalised lenses are tailored to the patient's reading behaviour, posture and eye physiology.  Allowing them to experience clearer and sharper vision. 

Personalised lenses from Essilor Bespoke are produced from the patient's Eyecode™ measurement. This personalisation technology, only available from Essilor, produces the most individualised lenses. 

Eyecode measures the exact Eye Rotation Centre (ERC); which can differ as much as 30% across patients. Eyecode gathers 3D measurements to produce a highly accurate, tailored lens.  It also measures pupil distance in relation to ERC. These measurements together with the frame and behaviour parameters deliver lenses that are truly custom-made to each wearer.

What difference do personalised lenses make to your practice?

The lenses create a lens-to-eye alignment that results in an instant and effortless vision for every patient.  This ensures your patients leave with the most individualised vision possible. This, in turn, increases patient satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendations. This is one of the most effective ways of getting patients through the door. 

Personalised lenses give an innovative edge to your practice. By embracing this technology, you can gain a competitive advantage on the high street. Furthermore, you can gain enhanced revenue from patients you already have. 

By delivering a personalised service, you are able to educate your patients and immerse them in the process. This unique experience can enhance a patient’s awareness of their eye health and vision. Not only does this ensure the public are taking better care of their vision, it can result in increased job satisfaction for your staff

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