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For eye care professionals

Upgrade Your Refraction Room

24 July 2019

As an optometrist, your priority is to assess and diagnose your patients’ vision as accurately as possible, in order to provide the right solution or treatment...
As an optometrist, your priority is to assess and diagnose your patients’ vision as accurately as possible, in order to provide the right solution or treatment. While your skills as an optometrist will certainly help you in this area, there’s another aspect you should focus your attention to.
Your refraction room is at the very heart of the patient experience, filled with the right equipment and furniture to ensure the eye examination process is efficient, comfortable and constructive for all involved. Have you ever just taken a look at your refraction room set up, and wondered if it could be improved? Or perhaps you have had your equipment a while, and wondering if it’s time for an upgrade.
At Essilor Instruments, we have a whole host of refraction room equipment that can elevate your practice and transform the experience, for both yourself and your patients. Whether you’re looking for the furniture itself or specialist instruments, enhance your practice with a range of equipment.

Achieve accurate refraction measurements

After years of research and development, we can now introduce a new phoropter that reinvents the refraction process. With an automated optical module, the Vision-R 800 can deliver prescription accuracy of 0.01 D. In traditional refraction procedures, values are often rounded to 0.25 D; with the Vision-R 800, refraction is conducted in 0.01 D increments.
Thanks to a wider field of vision and smooth power changes to test your patients’ vision, the Vision-R 800 offers enhanced comfort for the patient. The procedure is shorter, with various steps adjusted to patient sensitivity. This reduces the risk of patients’ eyes becoming fatigued through the process, or becoming disengaged and bored.
The Vision-R 800 can also benefit you, the optometrist. The instrument has SMART tests and programmes inbuilt in the machine that work via special algorithms to help drive refraction to 0.01D accuracy.
Once the procedure is over, your patient has the chance to compare refractions in simulated conditions, allowing them to be more immersed and engaged in their eye care.

Universal chart system for your refraction room

One of the most recognised pieces of equipment in the refraction room is the digital chart. This is a crucial part of the refraction measurement and diagnosis process. The CS Pola 600 offers an LCD screen with a universal design for any refraction room.
It offers an adjustable distance, so it will fit any size of room, and comes with a variety of personalisation options to make sure it works well for you and your patients. Easy operation is thanks to a remote control with built-in LCD panel, along with a wireless connection to link it to a phoropter.
The CS Pola 600 features a 24-inch screen, with a viewing distance within 1.5m to 8m. It has a wide viewing angle to provide a clear chart without distortion, which is of course imperative when creating refraction room equipment.

Refraction units to suit your practice

While refraction furniture is there to ensure you can carry out your job effectively, it should also be comfortable and inviting for the patient. Going to see the optician can be a daunting prospect for some patients; by having up-to-date, comfortable units, you can immediately reassure a nervous patient.
At Essilor Instruments, we have a number of configurations to ensure your refraction furniture suits your practice perfectly. This includes both 2 and 3-instrument tables, footrests and elbow rests for the chairs and variable lighting illumination.
Making sure your refraction furniture has everything you need is crucial in doing a good job, but consider your patients’ needs too.

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