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For eye care professionals

Achieving Advanced Eye Examinations with OCT Scans

20 July 2021

At Essilor we have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of OCT machines to help you access the latest technology.
Optical instruments and equipment are improving all the time, thanks to advanced technology and research. Today’s eye examinations can now provide a much more in-depth view of patients’ vision as well as their eye health. The emergence of optical coherence tomography scans has been revolutionary for practices up and down the country, so if you haven’t already invested in this technology, it’s time to make sure you’re keeping up with your competitors.
An OCT scan can help you to achieve a much more detailed view of the patient’s eye health, through a non-invasive imaging technique. It helps to better detect any changes in eye health, including early detection of eye conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.
It’s typically offered to those over 25 years old, or patients who have a family history of eye disease. What’s more, as it’s being more commonly adopted in practices across the country, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology and not get left behind.

Investing in OCT scans

At Essilor we have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of OCT machines to help you access the latest technology, including Heidelberg Engineering, Topcon and Optopol. It’s important when investing in an OCT machine that you consider some of the advanced features that could really make a difference to your practice.
Many of the latest OCT machines are both compact and upgradable, which can be increasingly useful as your practice gets busier. Look for machines that are modular, which can allow you to configure your machine to your specific workflows within the practice. Similarly, many of today’s OCT technology has multimodal options, so that you can combine OCT scans with laser fundus imaging.
As practices are becoming more driven with innovative technology, consider OCTs that deliver automated functions. This can help not only to keep your practice efficient, but can also facilitate social distancing which might be of some comfort to your patients and staff.

What difference can it make to your practice?

As an independent practice, it’s important that you’re able to keep up with the larger high street opticians. Being able to carry out an OCT scan during appointments can have benefits for your practice and your patients alike.
The right OCT machine can deliver clear, detailed images even in the deeper layers of the eye, enabling increased diagnostic capability. In turn, this can help you to better diagnose changes in your patients’ eye health. This advancement in service will be instantly recognised by your customers, giving them more confidence in your expertise as an eye care professional.
An OCT scan takes a matter of minutes, but can add real value to the overall examination process. Our OCT machines are available with our lens rebate scheme, to help you own the right equipment at a reduced cost or even free.
Discover what it means to become an Essilor partner optician today and learn more about the benefits it could bring to you and your practice.

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