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For eye care professionals

Optician owners, here's how to create a blog for your business

16 June 2017

Siu, founder of eyewear blog MyGlassesAndMe Ltd has teamed up with Essilor to share how she has grown an engaged online audience. In her first article on the Essilor blog she shares how to start...

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. I am the founder of eyewear blog MyGlassesAndMe Ltd. I am here to share with you my story about blogging, why (and how) blogging is good for your business and most importantly, how to start one.

My blog has been going for six years and the blog has expanded massively, now getting over 10,000 unique visitors per month (correct as of May 2017). Before stepping into the world of eyewear, I worked in fashion doing PR/Marketing for AllSaints, River Island and various PR agencies.

Why I started MyGlassesAndMe?
Why start a blog by Myglassesandme

The reason I started MyGlassesAndMe (MGAM) was because I’ve worn glasses since the age of 12 and from working in fashion I’ve always felt I was the “unfashionable” one who needs to wear glasses.

Working on the PR side of things, I never saw the mainstream fashion magazines promoting optical frames, it was always sunglasses. I thought, enough was enough and I wanted to give glasses a voice in the fashion arena. So, MGAM was born, covering fashion and eyewear, subjects that matter to optical wearers, how to look after our eyes and just anything which I have an interest in as a wearer myself. 

Before we begin, over the next few months I will be writing a series of articles covering some of the key topics in digital marketing and explain how different tactics have helped me achieve my goals and demonstrate how they can help your business grow online . I hope they will be useful to your business and that you return to find more helpful tips in the following articles.


Why create a blog?

To put it in a simple terms, a blog is a free space where you can express yourself. It is about expressing topics which your business is passionate about or topics which interest your customers. Writing a blog is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your website and engage readers.

A blog should not be separate from your business website. Instead, it should be built as part of it. Over a period of time (in my case, six years) it will become an archive of information.


How can a blog help you?

Now, this is the interesting bit, a blog can help to boost your business’ online presence by sending potential customers to your website from search engines.


Search Engines

I am sure everyone has heard of Google and its algorithm. There are many other search engines that work in a similar way but I will focus on Google as they have a 92.47% market share (correct as of May 2017, statcounter). The algorithm is complex and changes frequently, but all you need to know is, the algorithm loves new, unique, genuine information. Basically, the more you feed it, the better for your business.

The algorithm has been designed to index information automatically. So, if your website has ten pages, then it will index 10 pages of information for people to find you, but if you have 100 pages, then your chances of being found have just increased 900%. MGAM contains over a 1000 unique blog posts and each week a new post goes live so it is constantly building. This gives Google fresh content to index and makes MGAM a very well established and an extremely searchable website.


Search Engine Optimisation

From a business point of view, you also need to take into consideration what your competitors are doing? Is their website more easily found than yours, how do you stay on top of your game?

Now, this is where SEO comes in. Again, I am sure everyone has heard of the term search engine optimisation (SEO). This is to do with what keywords you use within your website, including the blog. Think about how you search for a website, or how you search for things on the internet, you just put in a certain search term into the Google search bar.

Whatever term you use, Google will then troll through the billions of websites to see which best match the search term you have used and bring up the relevant pages. Therefore, it is important to have relevant content in your website and feed new and improved content because the algorithm for SEO does change on a regular basis.


Keywords are important.  As an example, if I wish for people to find MGAM by typing in “eyewear blog UK” (number 1 in google, correct as of May 2017) then I need to make sure this term appears in different areas of my blog.

Whenever, I attend an eyewear event and post a write up, I always make sure I include the words that I think people will search for. As an example, I have written about the Bolon event at Mido and they had super model Hailey Baldwin as the ambassador. I made sure her name was mentioned in the article numerous times with the brand name and that helped make MGAM number 1 in google for the search term “Hailey Baldwin Bolon Eyewear” (correct as of May 2017).

This is just one example of keywords people may use to find my article.  Keywords are one of the key elements to SEO. When you write something, always make sure you think about how people may find you and using what search term? This will give your website an edge.

In conclusion, why is it important to include a blog section in your business website? Producing fresh content on a regular basis will give your website more exposure. By producing more content, you are feeding Google with more information to index and therefore more chance of being found by potential customers.


10 Top Tips on Blogging from MyGlassesAndMe

1) Decide on how many blog posts you will write per month and stick to it! If you only have time to write once a month or once every 3 months, that is fine, but the key here is to stick to it to build readership. Loyal readers will always come back.  

2) Find topics to write about which you know will interest your potential readers. If you run an optical practice, your potential customers are looking for glasses so write topic which concerns them. Such as eye health during different seasons, summer sun, winter sun etc.

3) If someone has left a comment on your blog post (positive or negative), always make sure you respond to show your readers the blog is being monitored and is active. Build on the engagement, I cannot explain how important engagement is in the world of blogging and social media. It is like giving good customer service.

4) Include images with an "alt description" whenever possible because people are always more attracted to images than words.

5) Do not overpopulate your articles with links, Google used to like lots of links but the rules have changed.  Just put in the necessary key links within the article.

6) Write with passion, readers can always feel the passion coming through. Set a tone, a style you wish to write in that you and the employees can stick to.

7) Do not use overly complicated words or terms that only people within your industry will understand. You do not want to alienate your potential readers. Keep it simple is the key.

8) Plan your content in advance. Plan when the article will go live and stick to it each month. If you are posting a new blog once a month on the first Tuesday of each month then make sure that is the case.

9) Actively try to promote your blog post through different social media channels to attract more readers. The more people that visit your website, the more likely they will explore and find other services which you offer as a business.

10) Finally, attach your website to Google Search Console (Formally Webmaster Tools) https://www.google.com/webmasters/ and Analytics https://www.google.co.uk/analytics/. They are a very powerful set of tools which can help you to improve your website. For MGAM, it tells me how people are finding my blog, under what search term, impressions, click through rates and what are my most popular blog posts. After knowing this kind of information, I then know what to write more or less about to gain new readers and keep the existing ones coming back.

I hope you found this useful and don’t forget you can see what I am up to and get in touch via myglassesandme.co.uk.

Siu x

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