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For eye care professionals

08 March 2022
World Glaucoma Week is a worldwide initiative to highlight the importance of early detection in managing and slowing the progression of glaucoma. Find out more.
01 January 2022
Find out more about Digital Phoropters from Essilor.
13 December 2021
Being able to offer this kind of scan to your patients puts you at an advantage against other high street practices.
14 November 2021
From 15th to 21st November, it’s Road Safety Week.
14 November 2021
The Vision-S™ 700 gives you the chance to boost your business by helping you to increase your refraction capacity.
19 October 2021
It’s important that children have access to the right lenses that mitigate exposure to screens, which can be harmful to young, developing eyes.
15 October 2021
We are proud to launch our customer partnership programme, Essilor Experts.
13 October 2021
Thursday 14th October is World Sight Day, and this year’s theme is #LoveYourEyes.
07 October 2021
At Essilor we have a wide range of optical diagnostic equipment, designed to bring a wealth of benefits to both you as the eye care professional and your patients.
22 September 2021
Every year around 1,900 children up to the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer in the UK, and it can be very different to adult cancer.
22 September 2021
#EyeWeek #VisionMatters
27 August 2021
Introducing the Vision-S™ 700 to deliver a compact, immersive and revolutionary refraction station.
20 July 2021
At Essilor we have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of OCT machines to help you access the latest technology.
20 July 2021
As the summer continues to unfold, it’s crucial that you’re able to deliver protective lenses for UV light as well as corrective lenses for different vision needs.
01 July 2021
Essilor has launched My Vision Check, a simple-to-use web application for customers to screen their distance vision at home.
29 June 2021
At Essilor we have 3 instruments available to help you manage your patients’ dry eyes and keep their vision free from interruptions or discomfort.
23 June 2021
At this time of year, having the right sun protection lenses available for your patients is so important.
16 June 2021
Our extensive range of technology is designed to help independent eye care professionals deliver the best possible vision care to patients.
25 May 2021
Sight is widely considered to be the most important sense to humans. At Essilor, our mission is to correct and protect the vision of individuals.
18 May 2021
Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses automatically darken and fade back to clear to suit all light conditions. 
10 May 2021
Being able to offer a personalised service to your patients is something every independent optician should strive for.
28 April 2021
Retinal imaging is crucial for giving you the opportunity to detect and monitor signs of eye conditions or changes within the eye.
21 April 2021
Having the right optical instruments to aid with eye screening and measuring can be the difference in delivering a high standard of service for your patients.
15 April 2021
No two people’s eyesight is the same, so it’s important to make sure your services are able to reflect the varying needs of your patients.
23 March 2021
The Vision-R 800 is an automated phoropter that helps you reach the final refraction much quicker than previous methods.
17 March 2021
Our goal is to provide you with the equipment and services necessary to meet your business needs.
12 March 2021
The right optical dispensing equipment can take your services to the next level.
23 February 2021
Vision-R 700, offers a faster and socially distanced refraction 
15 February 2021
Dry eyes is a common occurrence and you’ve no doubt experienced many patients suffering from dry, sore or red eyes.
09 February 2021

Whilst typically low vision cannot be corrected with lenses, at Essilor we have developed specialised lenses for low vision that can make a difference.

21 January 2021
On the 1st February we launch our multi-pair promotion, Take Two, to support you and your patients in 2021.
11 January 2021
As the UK experiences its third lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s never been more important to take the necessary precautions in keeping you, your staff and your patients safe.
15 December 2020
At Essilor our range of optical instruments have been equipped with features that make social distancing possible, keeping both optometrist and patient that little bit safer during this strange time.
07 October 2020
The new Varilux Comfort Max lenses from Essilor have been designed to adjust to patients’ natural posture, offering even more flexibility than before.
30 July 2020
While your main priority as an optician is to look after the health of your patients' eyes, it is also important to find effective ways to attract and retain customers.
19 July 2020
Digital recall could be a key strategy for you to follow, to make sure your business gets back on its feet.
14 July 2020

Unlock the full potential of your patients' eyes. Give them the prescription they deserve.

07 July 2020
If you're hoping to boost the performance of your online business and attract more customers, digital marketing holds the key to online visibility. Request an audit now.
01 July 2020
Why is it so important to be online and what should you consider if you're building or rebuilding a website?
15 June 2020
Find out how Transitions® lenses can help you fastrack your practice restart following the COVID-19 lockdown period.
11 June 2020
PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is an advertising strategy in which advertisers accrue costs when internet users click their ads.
11 June 2020
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.
10 June 2020
The digital sphere is becoming essential to almost every business, opening up the opportunity to reach more people than ever before.
29 May 2020
Measuring the success of your business is crucial no matter what industry you are in.
29 May 2020
If you haven't heard of Google My Business before, you have an exciting project ahead of you
29 May 2020
You have a website but you're not sure if it's working? Now is the time to set up Google Analytics.
08 April 2020
Measuring your patients’ vision is the very core of your optical practice, so it’s important that it is done to a high standard.
17 February 2020

One of the most common reasons for patients visiting their optician is dry eyes

30 January 2020
No optometry practice is complete without state-of-the-art refraction room equipment.
18 December 2019
The damage caused by glaucoma can be irreversible to your vision; for this reason, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness.
16 December 2019
Meeting patient expectations coupled with meeting your business goals can be a testing experience, but achieving it can be a huge win for you and your practice.
16 December 2019
As patients become increasingly savvy and expectations continue to rise, your practice needs to be equipped to meet their demands.
16 December 2019
Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye conditions around the world, and is a popular reason for people visiting their optician for advice.
12 December 2019
With a new year and a fresh start only weeks away, it’s important that you are looking towards 2020 and what you can do to continue growing your practice.
20 November 2019
Modernising your practice is essential for today’s patients...
20 November 2019
In almost every industry, advancements in technology are offering new ways to achieve your business goals...
15 November 2019
Implementing new technology in your practice can improve the service you provide to your patients...
15 November 2019
In order to remain competitive and successful in your industry, it’s key that you consider the best ways to market your practice.
15 November 2019
Independent optical practices can face many challenges, whether it is competition, ever-changing technology or patient expectations.
03 November 2019
The second Essilor Academy took place this week at the ABDO National Resource Centre...
25 October 2019
Your optical instruments are at the very heart of your practice, and can make or break not only the service you offer to your patients, but also the satisfaction of your staff.
23 October 2019
No business comes without its challenges, but by signing up to become an Essilor Bespoke practice, you could...
15 October 2019
Running an optical practice can be a demanding and fast-paced career choice, but can come with huge rewards; after all, you are providing a service that is caring for people’s health.
14 October 2019
Refractive errors, such as myopia and presbyopia, are very common; myopia in particular is said to affect 1 in 3 people.
10 October 2019
Being able to dispense personalised lenses is a huge advantage for any optometrist.
27 September 2019
Visual field testing is an important part of any eye examination, as it can help to determine your patients’ peripheral vision capabilities.
25 September 2019
In today’s world, utilising digital solutions can be the difference between success and falling behind.
20 September 2019
Retinal imagery instruments enable you to inspect any potential abnormalities in your patients’ vision, which could be life-changing.
20 September 2019
Having access to a Bespoke consultant can provide a fresh perspective on your practice.
13 September 2019
Within an optician’s practice, it is hugely important that your staff are highly trained and confident within their role.
02 September 2019
Everyone in your team plays their part in the success of your practice. Find out how you can keep each other motivated and why it's so important.
01 September 2019
Technology can play a huge part in what a patient expects from a visit to the optometrist.
29 August 2019
Patients are keen to learn more about their eye health and accurate measurements from modern instruments can help you to show them.
23 August 2019
September is childhood cancer awareness month and we've partned with CHECT to help raise awareness of Retinoblastoma - Find out how you can get invovled!
21 August 2019
If patients don’t know you exist, or aren’t familiar with your practice, how are you going to show potential patients what you can offer?
08 August 2019
It’s key to differentiate yourself, and be in front of consumers before they even knew they needed you.
25 July 2019
The demands and expectations of a modern patient mean that it's even more important than ever for practices to offer a personal service that provides real value.
24 July 2019
As an optometrist, your priority is to assess and diagnose your patients’ vision as accurately as possible, in order to provide the right solution or treatment.
24 July 2019
If you’re hoping to improve your footfall in your local area, there are many methods you can use...
18 July 2019
Being an independent practice, you come up against many challenges...
17 July 2019
How much do your patients know about their own eye health? Or about the process of measuring and dispensing lenses to correct vision problems?
11 July 2019
It’s important that as an optical practice you are always looking for ways to enhance patient experience. Read about how the Visioffice X can support your practice to do this. 
10 July 2019
Read Tim's summary on what has been going on at Essilor in the second quarter of the year and discover what is coming up in the third quarter.
09 July 2019
Since its launch in 1959, Varilux lenses have evolved to push boundaries in lens technology. Read our latest blog to learn about the 60 years of Varilux lenses and how it has helped over 400 million presbyopes.
28 June 2019
Discover our range of low vision solutions for your optical practice.
25 June 2019
Underpinned by the notion of modernising your practice.
24 June 2019
Read the reactions of patients being measured on the Visioffice X.
21 June 2019
We are proud to have sponsored the ABDO Decathlon event raising money for Vision Care for Homeless People.
20 June 2019
Learn about Essilor Bespoke a business growth strategy designed to help independent optical practices. 
19 June 2019
Here is an introduction to some of the diagnostic instruments available for your practice. 
05 June 2019
Read about the instruments we recommend for your practice for a complete solution.
03 June 2019
Discover how the right pre-test instrument can enhance patient care and improve the efficiency of your practice.
29 May 2019
Read our update on the national advertising campaign promoting Varilux lenses.  
28 May 2019
Our round up of a great day go-karting and raising money for an excellent cause. 
27 May 2019
Read about Andy's experience of using Eyezen Boost lenses. 
10 May 2019
In order to enhance our service we have brought the production of Eyezen to Thornbury
30 April 2019
Learn when and where patients should be wearing sunglasses?
29 April 2019
Learn how to boost your sunwear business, improve engagement on sun protection and other useful hints and tips.  
15 April 2019
Read Tim's summary on what has been going on at Essilor in the first quarter of the year and discover what is coming up in the second quarter.
11 April 2019
Read more on Andy's thoughts in our latest blog post about Eyezen Start.
29 March 2019
Brands are a vital part in every aspect of our lives, they drive consumer purchases. Discover how Essilor will use our lens brands to deliver a stronger message to consumers. 
18 March 2019
The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust is asking optometrists to take five minutes to run through a simple protocol with their staff.
14 March 2019
We are strengthening our mission by starting a new school screening programme. 
05 March 2019
Discover the 1.74 lineis products available to order.
21 January 2019
Essilor Instruments are working together with OrCam to bring revolutionary technology to the local high street for blind and visually impaired people.
29 October 2018
Crizal Sapphire UV has been nominated for an AOP award 
25 September 2018
Essilor shines light on poor road vision 
08 August 2018
Understand how the Crizal range has eliminated some of the biggest problems that spectacle lens-wearers have faced for years. 
03 August 2018
Crizal Sapphire UV is a real step forward in lens coating technology discover how to recommend our latest innovation to your patients. 
16 July 2018
Catch up on all the lastest news surrounding the OrCam MyEye 2.0 
05 March 2018
Guidelines for opticians using Essilor Trademarks and Copyrights. Do you display the following imagery and point of sales in your business? If so, please remove all assets online and offline before the expirery date.
20 February 2018
There is nothing more influential than a customer testimonial. We met with three Varilux X series wearers and documented how Varilux X series has positively impacted their lives.
15 February 2018
French artist Claire Deniau was inspired by the unique expertise of Essilor’s Special Lenses laboratory in France and the artistic possibilities that their optical lenses could offer.
06 February 2018
OrCam unveiled their latest product; OrCam MyEye 2.0 read more about the new model
24 January 2018
Essilor support Vision Care for the Homeless and crisis centres to dispense more than ever...
21 January 2018
We are proud to announce that Essilor Ltd has been shortlisted for three Customer Satisfaction Awards for 2018, with the Institute of Customer Service.
16 January 2018
In October we had the pleasure of meeting James and Neel from Templeman Opticians in Brentwood. They won Customer of the Quarter for Q2 in 2017 and were invited for the day to celebrate this achievement. 
07 December 2017

As an optician, the topic of blue violet light is something you are very aware of. A panel of Italian experts shared their professional views on how blue-violet light contributes to age related diseases

30 November 2017
In June 2017 Essilor's Special Lens team hand crafted a +70.00 D lens for Meg Zatorski in Australia. The lens is a new record for the team and the first +70.00 D power made.
06 November 2017
There are over 25,000 visually impaired children aged 16 years and under in the UK, and only one in four registered blind or partially sighted people of working age is in employment. Today independent opticians have access to a new range of low vision aids to help change lives in need by improving sight.
18 October 2017
Find out more about Essilor's Varilux X series, winning the Silmo d’Or prize for Vision this October.
19 September 2017
In conjunction with National Eye Health Week, we’re working with the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT)  to raise awareness about retinoblastoma.
15 September 2017
More accidents happen at night. In the development of our latest anti-reflective coating, we have discovered 7 reasons why drivers struggle to see when driving at night.
24 August 2017
In her second article, Siu demonstrates how important social media platforms are for your business growth.
10 July 2017

Find out how this remarkable device can give back independence to the visually impaired

10 July 2017
Our UK lab, which specialises in high end and complex prescriptions will now offer enhanced lens pre edging process following a significant investment.
26 June 2017
Hailey Baldwin, the rising American Supermodel, has been chosen to be the face of Bolon for 2017.
20 June 2017
Just like the art of all high quality products, every detail is meticulously crafted. Every Varilux lens is masterfully crafted to perfection. Watch and discover the world of Varilux.
16 June 2017

Siu, founder of eyewear blog MyGlassesAndMe Ltd has teamed up with Essilor to share how she has grown an engaged online audience. In her first article on the Essilor blog she shares how to start a blog, tips on ranking in search engines and her top 10 tips on what to do next.

01 June 2017
Discover a video testimonial of Mr Miskovic and his optician. It contains all the steps taken by the optician to adapt the -108D cyl 6.00 lenses from the eye exam, the frame choice, the centring and cutting of the lenses, the glazing and finally the adaptation of the lenses.
28 April 2017

Harmful light(1) comes mostly from the sun, but also small amounts come from indoor light sources. We share the different light sources which may impact our vision.