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For eye care professionals

How to adapt your practice to the modern patient

15 November 2019

Independent optical practices can face many challenges, whether it is competition, ever-changing technology or patient expectations.
Independent optical practices can face many challenges, whether it is competition, ever-changing technology or patient expectations. Today’s patient differs greatly from patients of previous decades, as they expect more from their visit to their optometrist. With that in mind, it’s key that you are adapting your practice and keeping up with industry changes.
Transforming your practice to keep up with the industry is imperative in meeting the needs of modern patients. You can achieve this by looking at a number of areas within your practice, such as technology and customer service.

Implementing modern technology

Today’s patient is driven by technology in almost every aspect of life; they now expect this to include their experience with their local optician. Having up-to-date technology in your practice can help you attract a younger patient base, as well as improving patient retention.
Optical technology can include a multitude of things, from measuring devices to digital display units. By implementing this type of technology, you can differentiate your practice from competitors.
One such example is Visioffice X. By becoming a Bespoke partner, you have access to leading digital dispensing technology that can measure patients’ physiological and behavioural parameters, enabling accuracy and precision.
Having a connected practice is also a must-have in today’s modern world, and is something patients expect to be the norm. Digital units, such as Activ’screen, give you the opportunity to digitalise the patient journey, and allows you to choose how your patients are greeted and assisted within your practice. This can revolutionise and modernise the experience for your patients.

Offering unrivalled customer service

Today’s patient is savvy and more educated than ever before. This, together with an excess of choice, means that you need to find new ways to capture their attention. It’s key that your staff can provide the level of customer service expected from a modern patient.
Training your staff to improve their efficiency and competence can make a huge difference to the overall experience of your practice. Your staff will be able to recommend the right solutions to patients, as well as backing it up with the right demonstrations through digital technology.
As an optician, technology can help drive your customer service to a new level. For instance, you can show patients the condition of their retina through advanced photography, and how it changes from appointment to appointment. You can also dispense personalised lenses that are tailored to each individual, and provide virtual reality demonstrations to highlight the differences between lens types.
These are all factors that patients are quickly beginning to expect at their optician appointments, as each industry continues to head towards digitalisation. If you’re looking for new ways to innovate your practice, Essilor Bespoke is a great place to start.

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