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For eye care professionals

Enhance your optical business model with Essilor Bespoke

23 October 2019

No business comes without its challenges, but by signing up to become an Essilor Bespoke practice, you could...
Making sure your practice is successful should be up there with making sure you are providing a great service to your patients. However, it can be difficult juggling patient care and running a business, no matter how many years you have been in the industry.
No business comes without its challenges, but by signing up to become an Essilor Bespoke practice, you could complement your current care with enhanced training, technology and business advice.
With a number of practice benefits, Essilor Bespoke can help you to enhance your optical practice further; whether you are hoping to innovate your customer experience, dispense advanced lenses or develop your business model.

Saving you time

Running an optical practice can be incredibly rewarding, but can take time, money and resource to get it right. It is something that many opticians would love a helping hand with. Thanks to Essilor Bespoke, you can have access to a dedicated Bespoke consultant to support growth and enrich your business model.
In an optical practice, time is your most important asset. You need enough time to be able to oversee all aspects of your practice, from the waiting room to the examination room. What’s more, you also need the time to keep on top of the wider industry and be knowledgeable when it comes to market changes.
With that in mind, it would be hugely beneficial to have your own consultant who is able to analyse your product mix and review your pricing strategies to make sure you remain competitive and in-line with industry trends.

A fresh perspective

Making changes or improvements to a business is never easy, but with Essilor Bespoke you have someone by your side to move your optical practice in the right direction. A Bespoke consultant can tell you like it is, and will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy according to your practice.
An Essilor Bespoke consultant can be completely objective and transparent, helping you to make the necessary improvements to your business model to increase growth. By working with Essilor Bespoke, you can make sure you are taking advantage of all the available opportunities.
Whether it is streamlining your price list, highlighting business growth opportunities or setting targets to motivate your team, Essilor Bespoke can help.

Capitalise on the right opportunities

By understanding your practice, your Essilor Bespoke consultant can assess its strengths and weaknesses. If you are pressed for time and a particular aspect of your practice needs improvement, your consultant can recognise this and evaluate what opportunities you could capitalise on.
Helping you to achieve your targets across the business, Essilor Bespoke will liaise with you on your figures, give feedback and resolve challenges you face on a daily basis.
To know more about becoming an Essilor Bespoke practice, get in touch today.

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