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For eye care professionals

Improve Your Practice with the Right Dispensing Tools

25 October 2019

Your optical instruments are at the very heart of your practice, and can make or break not only the service you offer to your patients, but also the satisfaction of...
Your optical instruments are at the very heart of your practice, and can make or break not only the service you offer to your patients, but also the satisfaction of your staff. It’s important that your practice is equipped to provide the right support through key aspects like eye examinations and the dispensing process.
With that in mind, the dispensing instruments you choose to implement within your practice can have a huge impact on your business. Your dispensing tools are the ones that will help you to take precise eye measurements and prescribe accurate lenses for each of your patients.
As technology continues to improve and patients’ expectations grow larger, your practice must find innovative ways to keep up with the industry and remain competitive. By investing in the right tools, you can offer even more value to both your patients and your employees. So, what dispensing tools should you consider and what effect can they have?

Visioffice 2

Visioffice 2 has the ability to measure all physiological and behavioural parameters of a patient, in order to deliver a precise way to fit lenses. With a high definition camera and all measurements taken in approximately 3 minutes, Visioffice 2 is an interactive tool to dispense consistently accurate lenses.
This dispensing instrument not only takes measurements, but can demonstrate product benefits and educate your patients about the various lenses. It can even aid frame selection through videos and images.
Visioffice 2 not only delivers cutting-edge technology to elevate your practice, but it is incredibly easy to use; making it easier for your staff to adapt to using new technology. Exclusive measurements such as eye rotation centre and dominant eye can add to your staff’s job satisfaction as they know they are delivering a much more in-depth service.
The modern look and ergonomic design of the instrument provides a great first impression to your patient, and the value they receive from its information and results can help them to take more control over their eye health. The interactive process ensures the patient is involved every step of the way. 

Eye-Ruler 2

One of the most important aspects in modern optometry is personalisation. Patients are expecting, more than ever, to receive a service that is tailored specifically to themselves.
Together with advanced technology, being able to deliver this level of service in your practice will result in a much more positive experience for all involved. Eye-Ruler 2 is the very solution to help you achieve this.
Eye-Ruler 2 is a digital measuring device that allows you to take measurements quickly and accurately, all through one app on a tablet. Providing a familiar and portable device for patients and staff, this device can enhance your practice by delivering a service everyone can easily understand.
Eye-Ruler 2 offers an engaging and interactive measuring process that can measure both eye and head movement, through a device that can be easily integrated into your existing practice.
Your dispensing staff will be able to help patients take advantage of personalisation when it comes to eye care, while your patients will walk away with a much better understanding of lens performance and innovation.


Taking patient care one step further into the modern world, why not harness the power of virtual reality to provide an immersive and unique experience for your patients?
Nautilus is a virtual reality dispensing aid that is designed to help your staff recommend the right lens for your patient. By providing a simulation, patients can see for themselves the benefits of the lenses you have advised on. Nautilus uses 3D virtual scenes, 360 degrees reality and augmented reality to help the patient compare multiple lens designs.
This can greatly reinforce the expertise of your staff, backing up recommendations through exciting demonstrations and giving them great satisfaction knowing they have endorsed the perfect solution for each patient.

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