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For eye care professionals

Improve your sales with the right optical technology

15 October 2019

Running an optical practice can be a demanding and fast-paced career choice, but can come with huge rewards; after all, you are providing a service that is caring for...
Running an optical practice can be a demanding and fast-paced career choice, but can come with huge rewards; after all, you are providing a service that is caring for people’s health. However, at the end of the day your optical practice is also a business that needs to turn over a profit and remain a viable prospect to generate income.
There are many reasons why you may have become an optometrist, but if you run your own practice, it is important that you also become a businessperson. You need to be able to capitalise on opportunities and adapt to any shifts in the industry. This is because the likes of business growth and profit margins are just as important as providing a good service to your patients.
How do you achieve a balance of being a great optometrist, and a sensible business owner? Becoming an Essilor Bespoke practice can provide you with a wealth of technology and knowledge, making sure you continue to improve the bottom line of your practice.

Investing in digital technology for your practice

Technology is forever improving and becoming more impressive; something that your patients are now expecting to see across a number of industries. By equipping your practice with modern technology, you can bring a number of benefits to your business.
Digital technology in the optical sphere can mean a variety of things. One of the most important aspects is having up to date instruments and equipment in order to carry out patient care to the highest level.
This can include measuring and dispensing devices to provide accurate vision, as well as advanced instruments for the refraction room. However, it can also mean implementing digital advertising and display units to improve patient experience and knowledge of your services and practice.
Having up to date, modern technology can help to differentiate you from your competitors and attract more patients, including younger, tech-savvy patients.

What optical technology do you need?

Becoming an Essilor Bespoke practice can give you access to some of the most up to date technology in the optical industry, including the revolutionary measuring device, Visioffice X.
Visioffice X has a huge impact on patient experience, creating an interactive and comfortable process that transforms the way you measure and dispense tailored lenses. The interactive touch screen, multiple cameras and precision markers are able to measure the patients’ eyes and vision with impressive accuracy.
Taking all physiological and behavioural parameters into account, Visioffice X demonstrates dispensing technology that is able to reinvent the measuring process. This precise method has often been proven to encourage patients to invest more in their lenses, because they believe in the value of the technology. 
To further improve your practice and service offering, installing Activ’screen in your practice can help you market to your customers effectively. Placed either within your practice, or in the window for those passing by, you can display engaging and promotional content around the clock.
Advertising to both current and prospective patients can be instrumental in driving traffic to your practice, and improving sales. Whether you want to advertise an offer on lenses, or you’ve started selling a new brand of frames, use a digital display unit to shout about it!
Find out more about the benefits of being an Essilor Bespoke practice and unlock a world of opportunity today.

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