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For eye care professionals


Long lasting relief for customers eyes

A device that increases Meibomian gland output that makes your eyes stay lubricated and symptom free for longer

E-Eye device
  • Painless and relaxing
    Activa increases the effectiveness of IPL treatment by giving immediate relief
  • Protection from infections
    The validated disinfection procedures ensures protection from infections
  • Immediate relief
    No specialist required to operate the device

Complete heating and massage technology

A natural way to significantly improve tear stability is to increase Meibomian gland output - this means your eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free longer, as nature intended. A clinically proven mechanical method to de-cap and stimulate Meibomian glands unclogging your glands and stimulating the natural production of oils to keep your eyes lubricated. The Unique, Safe, and Effective Home Treatment System for Dry Eye Disease ACTIVA is the first dry eye medical device designed for home use. It is clinically proven to improve tear film quality and patient comfort. Patients typically notice a distinct improvement in comfort and a significant reduction in their dry eye symptoms often in the first month of use.

How does it work?

Ophthalmogist applying E-Eye to patient

At SBM Sistemi we take the wellbeing of your eyes very seriously.

• This innovative Eye-mask provides a complete heating and automatic squeezing technology in a single device fast and painless.
• Non-invasive and effective on Meibomian glands disfunction associated with tear film evaporation.
• After each use the mask can be easily sanitized and does not require any gel during treatment as many other devices do.

Are you using an IPL in your clinic?

As you may know, IPL patients are not feeling the effect of the treatment from the first application and meibomian glands expression and squeezing is an important practice combined to the IPL therapy.
Including Activa in your Evaporative Dry Eye therapy plan combined to the IPL effects will solve the above issues by mechanically warming and massaging the lids of the patient. This will express the meibum out of the glands increasing the efficiency of IPL effects and providing to the patient an immediate feeling of relief and improvement of the pathology.


Don't you have an IPL in your practice?

Activa is a registered medical device, perfect for an efficient treatment of Evaporative Dry Eye disease and offered for one of the lowest prices compared to other available medical devices for dry eye therapy. This makes it the perfect device to start treating your patients with.

Relieve tension symptoms and eye swelling

We suggest using Activa once a week for four weeks. At the end of this first period, a session every two months is recommended to keep the benefits of the relief. Activa:

• Can be used both in professional and domestic environments.
• Provides fast and long lasting relief from eyelid discomfort.
• Produce controlled heat contributing to unclogging the debris of the meibomian glands on the edge of the eyelids and softening the secretions.
• Relieves swollen and irritated eyelids due to blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunctions, styes and chalazion.
• Generate constant heat of approximately 42 degrees for 15 minutes and apply a micro-vibration based massage to increase relief.
• The device is absolutely safe and there is no risk of burns.

Happy patient due to Dry-Eye syndrome being resolved


Activa Brochure

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