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For eye care professionals

Eye Protect System™

A revolution in protection against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light in an aesthetically clear lens.

Eye Protect System is the first embedded light filtration system that provides protection against harmful light in an aesthetically clear lens. Eye Protect System filters UV and partially filters Blue-Violet light without leaving a residual tint or hue on the lens. This ensures that images are clear and the lenses appear clear to others.
  • Protection
    from UVA & UVB
  • Protection
    from Smart Blue-Violet light
  • Aesthetic Clarity
    without altering a wearer’s colour perception

A new reference for prescription lenses

Over the past 50 years, Essilor has contributed to major lens innovations that have improved the lives of millions of spectacle wearers: 

  •  Light-weight plastic lenses 
  • Varifocal lenses 
  • Ultra-thin lenses 
  • Photochromic lenses 

Today Essilor sees again a major challenge ahead that will impact the future quality of life of millions. Eye Protect System is a technology that is embedded in the lens, and offers protection from harmful light while maintaining aesthetic lens clarity. We worked hard to include technologies that absorb the residual yellow tint that is often a side effect of the blue-violet filtering material technology to give a finished product that is aesthetically completely clear. 


UV protection

UV light is one identified factor that contributes to the development of cataracts (1). With Eye Protect System, both UVA & UVB rays are efficiently absorbed by the lens. UV protection can be measured by the E-SPF index, and Eye Protect System provides an E-SPF rating of up to 35 in a clear lens. 


Smart Blue-Violet light protection 

The Blue-Violet part of visible light has been identified in recent research to be the most harmful to the retina, and is one contributing factor of AMD (2). Blue-Violet absorbers within Eye Protect System target the most harmful Blue-Violet light, and make these lenses more protective against Blue-Violet light than standard prescription lenses. This property was discovered by in vitro photoprotection tests on retinal cells (3)


Aesthetic clarity 

The Smart Blue Filter™ found within Eye Protect System selectively filters and reduces the amount of blue-violet light passing through the lens. This light is absorbed, while the essential blue-turquoise light is transmitted through the lens and into the eye. The advantage of an in mass blue-violet light filter is that the lens can be combined with the benefits of our existing Crizal coatings to further enhance the protection.

Eye Protect System provides enhanced lens aesthetics without altering a wearer’s colour perception. The lenses have no residual yellow reflex, and no blue reflections as is often associated with blue light reducing lenses. When combined with Crizal Sapphire UV this lens / coating combination further boosts the overall UV protection of Eye Protect System as measured by the E-SPF index and enhances the aesthetics of the wearers’ spectacles. 

Crizal Prevencia powered by Eye Protect System provides enhanced harmful light protection, and is covered by the Essilor guarantee on the coating for a risk free dispense. This material and coating combination is the ideal solution for patients wanting premium eye health protection, and provides the maximum protection available for an Essilor branded clear lens.

Eye Protect System is not available with Varilux Liberty 3.0 and Single Vision stock lenses


(1)    McCarty CA, Taylor HR. A review of the epidemiologic evidence linking ultraviolet radiation and cataracts. Dev Ophthalmol. 2002; 35:21-31. Sunlight and the 10-year incidence of age-related maculopathy: The Beaver Dam Eye Study. Arch. Ophthalmol., 122, 750-757. New discoveries and therapies in retinal phototoxicity, Serge Picaud et Emilie Arnault, Points de Vue N°68, Spring 2013.
(2)    In vitro photobiology experiments conducted by Essilor and Paris Vision Institute. Primary retinal pigment epithelium cells were photosensitised with A2E, a major component of the age pigment lipofuscin. These cells were then exposed for 18 hours to 10 nm illumination bands centered from 390 to 520 nm in 10 nm increments (+ illumination band centered at 630 nm). To mimic physiological light conditions, light  irradiances were moderate and normalised with respect to the natural sunlight reaching the retina. (Arnault et al., 2013 PLOs One).

(3)   Blue-Violet light photo-protective potency is measured or calculated. Measurements are done through in vitro photobiology experiments conducted by Essilor and a 3rd party. Photosensitized RPE (Retinal Pigment Epithelium) cells are exposed to Blue-Violet light, reproducing the physiological exposure to sunlight of the 40 year old eye. Calculation model is using an interpolation method of spectral data between 400 and 455nm. This model has been designed thanks to correlation between spectral measurements and in vitro test results on outer retina cells, with a dispersion of 5%. For Eye Protect System™ lenses with Crizal Forte® UV coating, 25% (+/-5%) decrease in light-induced retinal cell death versus no filter. For standard lenses: 1.5 or Poly material with Crizal Forte® UV coating, about 7% decrease.