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For eye care professionals

Crizal drive

Enhance your patient’s visual comfort for safer driving.

Crizal Drive is a premium anti-reflective coating that offers great clarity of vision. Thanks to the coating performance reflections are up to 90% less when driving at night. (1)
  • Recommended for
    Patients with a lifestyle that involves frequent driving
  • Patients benefits
    Up to 90% less reflections when driving at night (1)
  • Guarantee
    Two year scratch free guarantee

Coating benefits

Glare protection


By minimising the level of reflections Crizal Drive helps to maintain the wearer’s visual acuity throughout the day and night making the obligation of driving a comfortable passion.

Optimal clarity


A coating that protects your patient’s lenses from the enemies of clear vision thanks to scratch and smudge resistance and dust and water repellency.

Back surface UV protection


Crizal Drive, as all Crizal UV lenses, virtually eliminates back surface reflections protecting wearers against dangerous UV from the back surface of the lens.


Better clarity of vision throughout the day... 


... and night


Why do we experience discomfort when driving at night?

Our vision is not adapted to this environment. Rod cells are the only photoreceptors in the
retina to react to low lighting. This is what we call mesopic or night vision.
Eye sensitivity is different in the day time than at night.
               Light wavelengths

                   Light wavelengths

Reflections and glare


At night, we are exposed to multiple and intense sources of light that create reflections and glare. These reflections and glare disturb rod cells, creating discomfort and lower visual acuity.

A decreased sensation of glare (2)

Crizal Drive offers up to 90% less reflection at night, at 507nm where eye sensitivity is the highest, compared to a lens with a hard coat. 

Thanks to this adaptation to lightwaves your patients will experience a decreased sensation of glare enhancing their visual comfort for safer driving. (2)

A series leap forward for drivers

For the ultimate driving pair, combine Crizal Drive with Transitions XTRActive.

Crizal Drive is now available across a wide range of designs

Lens availability

  Stylis 1.67 Ormix 1.6 Orma 1.5
Varilux X series Yes Yes Yes
Varilux E series Yes Yes Yes
Varilux Physio 3.0 Yes Yes Yes
Varilux Road Pilot Yes Yes Yes
SV Spheric Rx Yes Yes Yes
Essilor Road Pilot Yes Yes Yes


Crizal Drive POS

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Crizal No Quibble Guarantee

Reassure your patient with the two year no quibble guarantee.

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(1)    vs. a standard hard coat lens with no anti-reflective coating
(2)    in-Life Wearers Test “AR day and night” Eyedrive GERMANY - 2016 n=49