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For eye care professionals

Xperio Polarised Sun Lenses

Remarkable vision without compromising on style

Xperio Polarised sun lenses eliminate harsh, blinding glare from highly reflective surfaces to increase visual comfort and performance.
  • Recommended
    For patients who seek enhanced vision outdoors
  • Patient Benefits
    Enhanced colour perception. Improved contrast. Glare reduction. UV protection.
  • E-SPF 50
    Combine with Crizal Sun UV and provide the ultimate protection.

The best vision under the sun

Varilux S Series

4 steps forward in vision quality. No steps back.

When you wear Xperio Polarised sun lenses for the first time your world pops with colour. Glare reduction, visual comfort, improved contrast and enhanced colour perception enhance everyday activities. We believe Xperio Polarised sun lenses represent the optimum vision experience when under the sun.

Ideal for driving

Driving is an essential mode of transport for most of us. Xperio Polarised sun lenses improve driving by eliminating glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, dashboards and other cars.

Varilux S Series

Crystal clear water

Xperio Polarised sun lenses are perfect for water sports and winter sports. Reflected sun glare is reduced from surfaces such as water, snow and ice.

Sun protection

E-SPF Logo

E-SPF 50+


E-SPF 50+ means as soon as a patient puts on their sunglasses they can feel confident their eyes are protected from the sun. After all it's the highest safety rating of any Essilor lens. This makes Xperio Polarised sun lenses perfect for anyone with sensitive eyes or for elderly people who have had ocular surgery. 


Back Surface Protection with Crizal Sun UV

When combining Xperio Polarised sun lenses with Crizal Sun UV, patients benefit from a protective layer located on the back surface. Crizal Sun UV absorbs UV light into the lens and therefore stops harmful light reflecting into the wearers eye.

Crizal Sun back surface protection


Xperio Polarised sun lenses block glare and allow vertical light through the lens

Removing glare by removing light waves

Sun light waves travel in many directions. When these light waves reflect off a horizontal surfaces, like a road, water or ice, it often becomes concentrated horizontally. We know this as visible glare, which can be uncomfortable. Xperio Polarised sun lenses allow only vertical light through the lens and block irritating glare.



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