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For eye care professionals

Varilux E Series

Easy adaptation for all presbyopes

Adapting to varifocal lenses is the number one complaint from first time wearers. We developed Varilux E series so your patients have the best possible vision from day one.
  • Recommended for
    First time wearers
  • Patient benefits
    Easy adaptation
  • Guarantee
    Covered by the Varilux adaptation guarantee


E Series improves wearers peripheral vision

Easy adaptation.

Varilux E series improves the wearer's peripheral vision by reducing swim effect by 50%. This means it is the perfect varifocal for wearers looking for easy adaption.

Eye Protect System Logo
Blue-violet and UV light protection with Eye Protect System™


Embedded in Varilux E series, Eye Protect System protects wearers' eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light and UV light into the lens.

E-SPF Logo
Lens protection with Crizal Sapphire UV

Crizal Sapphire UV lenses provides optimum UV light filtering, anti-reflective, scratch resistant, smudge repellent, water repellent and dust repellent

Learn more about Crizal Sapphire UV >

The technology behind quick adaptation

Varilux X series, Swimway technology ensures lens geometry is better controlled to reduce the swim effect.

Swim Control

Swim Control is a technology exclusive to Varilux E series, inspired by Varilux S series' Nanoptix. Swim Control calculation is based on micro-elements. Each one of those micro elements is used to manage the lens addition independently from the lens curvature. As a result, the lens geometry is better controlled to reduce the swim effect.


Lens range

  Lineis 1.74 Stylis 1.67 Ormix 1.6 Airwear 1.59 Orma 1.5
Code 743 707 682 861 668
Range -14 to +13 -12 to +9 -12 to +8 -10 to +6 -10 to +6
CYL +6.00 +6.00 +6.00 +6.00 +6.00
Addition 0.75 to 3.5 0.75 to 3.50 0.75 to 3.50 0.75 to 3.50 0.75 to 3.50
Prism 3.00 4.00 3.00 4.00 4.00

Lens options

  Coatings Transitions Sun Personalisation Eye Protect System
  Crizal Prevencia Signature GEN 8 Xperio Polarised Eyecode Yes
  Crizal Sapphire UV Style Colours E-Mirror UV AVA  
  Crizal Drive XTRActive Silver Shadow CT    
  Crizal Easy UV XTRActive Brown Essicolour Tints    
  Crizal Sun UV XTRActive Graphite green      
  Optifog XTRActive Grey      



Look at the brochure for Varilux E series products

Download (PDF)


The Guarantee offers you the reassurance that should your patient experience non-adaptation with their Varilux E series lenses, we will credit your account.

Learn more

Varilux lens engravings

Download and easily identify new lens engravings.

Download (PDF)

Reference Sheet

Download now for a quick reference sheet for Eye Protect System.

Download (PDF)